TWITTERWATCH: The cancellation of Dave Dobbyn by the Woke Twitterati & other dreary tales

The latest woke lynch mob cancellation is our very own Dave Dobbyn!

The funny thing is the experts quoted are the first to start woke toxic lynchings…

Covid- 19: Dave Dobbyn social media backlash highlights ‘vaccination polarisation’

Social media’s propensity to polarise has once again been clearly demonstrated in the controversy exploding over a famous Kiwi musician’s tweets, an expert says.

When Sir Dave Dobbyn got into an exchange with high profile Twitter personality Hamish Keith about New Zealand’s Covid-19 vaccination divide, it quickly became the most trending topic on social media.

Social scientist Jess Berenston-Shaw said this example of an exchange of “valid reflections” between two people accelerating into a widespread controversy, showed how social media platforms thrived on such division.

…it’s like ringing Netsafe to make a complaint about online bullying only to find the person you are complaining about is taking the complaint!

Has the Wellington Twitterati cancelled Slice of Heaven yet?

I want to know if I should listen one more time before it’s forbidden.

Dave’s crime was thinking something different to the easily triggered pious woke conclave and the easily triggered pious woke conclave did what the easily triggered pious woke conclave does:

Over react.




Do some group therapy self actualization to accept how hard it is to be this superior.

“are we fighting Covid or Humanity”
Comrades I’m fighting both!

…David, David, David! It’s fashionable WOKE neo-Marxism! Come on mate, get it right!

The funniest thing about this is how the Twitterati know now that pile on cancellations play into a far wider negative narrative about woke cancel culture and they are rushing around Twitter now saying they love David.

It’s nice seeing them frightened of their own toxicity.

The naked rage & hate Social media is inspiring will erupt next year during the hate speech legislation – entropy, polarisation and pure malice toward the other will be our wine as the planet burns.

Sartre said ‘hell is other people’.

I say, ‘hell is other peoples social media’.

I wish to remain socially distanced from you all.

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