TWITTER WATCH: New extremist Political Party launches for Qanon lunatics and antivaxxers

A new NZ political Party was launched over the weekend in Twitter of all places.

With political interference being run and funded by American interests in NZ, it was only a matter of time before this Antivaxx madness sort political representation.

It’s all dressed up as ‘freedom’ when really it’s ‘freedumb’.

That it’s lead by someone called ‘Professor Bart’ (I’m not joking) says all you need to know.

Professor Bart gives off the kind of vibe that he has a lot of unexplained children’s shoes in his basement.

The hard core 5% antivaxxers of NZ look to be an amalgamation of Crystal Karens, Jesus is my vaccine God Squaders and Qanon lunatics. Can this feral mismatch of ignorance & conspiracy find a political home?

If ACT can, they might?

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