TVNZ SHOCK POLL: Winners, Losers & Predictions

Ok the good news about the TVNZ poll is that the NZ Woke have cancelled all the Nazis.

Bad news about the TVNZ Poll, it turns out everyone we called a Nazi were also voters


Suddenly it’s all on.

The latest TVNZ Poll reshapes the entire electoral battlefield.

Labour have kept the middle class marxists who have done incredibly well under Jacinda and their work from home privilege. Their online presence and ability to alienate everyone else is almost supernatural.

Right now woke NZ Twitter are asking ‘did we alienate all those voters’?


Yes. You. Did.

After calling everyone a Nazi, how will the woke win back the voters they’ve alienated?

They can’t, they won’t and they’ll be screaming about why the stupid smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis aren’t voting for them now!

Unfortunately Labour needs more than woke middle class Wellington Marxists to win.

Wouldn’t the craziest outcome be the NZ Woke empowering Jacinda to pass batshit crazy hate speech laws with huge mass surveillance powers only to hand over the perfect Police State to National and ACT?

Oh you have to laugh!

There are of course winners and losers!



Christian Lex Luthor: He’s done it! Luxon is a slick commercial for a house you can never afford preaching a toxic hot mess of selfishness and openly attacking the poor. Luckily for him, the poor are the ones running from Jacinda into his burning trap.

Wealthy NZ: They will be ecstatic that this Air NZ CEO will rain tax cuts down upon them. Like a millionaires golden shower but with more gold and piss.

ZB Troll Farm: That weird sound you can hear that’s a cross between nails on a blackboard and cats having sex is Mike Hosking and the entire ZB Troll Fram orgasming together. They couldn’t be happier.

ACT: Deputy Prime Minister David Seymour. Jesus. Fucking. Wept.



Beneficiaries: Luxon is going to unleash more neoliberal welfare experiments on you like Oranga Tamariki. Your lives are about to become immeasurably worse of under ACT and National. Jacinda made vague promises about life getting better, Luxon is making clear threats life will get a lot harder.

The Environment: Luxon will do nothing on climate change. Probably thinks global warning is only happening because God is hugging the Earth so tight.

Children & adults living in poverty: Chris Luxon is going to screw you over with tax cuts for the rich and sweet fuck all for you.

Greens: After all that eating of dead rats with the faint hope to finally be needed by Labour in 2023, they are once again the ugly partner in a 3some – always keen, but no one else is. Have no leverage now, their only way forward is Chloe as Leader.

Maori Party: Will now have the Left’s need for them to be part of the majority suddenly shine a bright light on the crazy that they imbue. The crazier they get, the more the voters will recoil.

Labour: Should have gotten a bump in this poll because right wing people love beating up poor brown protestors as much as middle class marxists do. Without Jacinda, they are a one trick pony short of a pony and a trick. They’ve done sweet fuck all on housing, poverty, inequality and climate change because the Wellington bureaucracy was there to trip them up at every step. Labour didn’t win in 2017 or 2020 with a legislative agenda and an attack policy to deal to the Public Service. Without a 100 day plan, you can’t be transformative.

Jacinda: Jacinda’s insistence that there isn’t a cost of living crisis is driven by their total failure to create political solutions. When you listen to Jacinda’s attempt to answer that challenge that there is a cost of living crisis, she goes all tax wonk.

She points to a dozen little tinkerings at the edges and seems to think that the working poor and beneficiaries in this country are all certified tax accountants who are filing every month  to reap the huge gains of $10 extra a week and pretends that masquerade is a fucking solution to the chasm of cost our wage pittance is being asked to fill each week.

Rather than live in denial that there isn’t a massive cost of living crisis, rather than pretend the obtuse necromancy of working for family credit bureaucracy is a solution, rather than all that spineless lack of vision, Labour should acknowledge this cost of living crisis and actually be bold enough to present true Left policy as the solution!

Unfortunately Labour don’t have the actual vision for those solutions.



Labour saved us from 3000 dead over two years with their remarkable Covid response, but as this blog has pointed out for 4 long fucking years, if we don’t have more than just saving us from Covid, if we couldn’t live up to being transformative, then we were always going to get punished!

What do we have to show for 4 years? Bullshit woke virtue signalling!

As economic anxiety builds for the working classes in NZ, look at the NZ political left’s response.

  • Gerrymandering the Sexual assault laws so that any man accused of rape is convicted.
  • Climate change emergency declaration that doesn’t do anything.
  • Strangling off free speech with a blasphemy law and criminalizing the misuse of pronouns.
  • Ending Gay Conversion therapy that proponents can’t quantify.
  • Critical Racism theory in 0range Tamariki.

For the 200000 children in poverty, 25000 on emergency housing wait lists and generations locked out of home ownership, the NZ Left’s response is woke wankery.

Labour + Greens needing the Maori Party will be a gift that ACT and National exploit mercilessly.

The online Twitteratti who are alienating fellow voters on the Left with the type of care Putin takes around Ukrainian hospitals will reach fever pitch this year as the Hate Speech legislation debate kicks off.

Watch for them to end up claiming everyone is a Nazi.

We have lost the very voters we claim to have cared for!

I pointed out that if the Left didn’t want the lumpenproletariat having their economic pain manipulated by the far right, then we should have done something meaningful for them to alleviate that economic pain.

Instead, as Bernard Hickey points out, the vast amount of Covid money simply enriched the already wealthy to the tune of 1 Trillion dollars!

How did we think the poverty we have done nothing about wouldn’t bite us in the arse politically?

All the activist Left have managed to do over the last 4 years is cancel everyone who might have voted for us.

Well, congrats, we’ve cancelled everyone.

The Left look for traitors, the Right look for recruits.

Labour’s only chance now is to hammer home to voters what a National/ACT Government would actually do and actually be.

The Left need to overshadow their own poor results when it comes to housing, poverty, inequality and climate change by reminding voters what the true alternative is.

National and ACT will scare the bejesus out of the electorate and temper some of the anger Labour’s point blank refusal to de-escalate the protest at Parliament provoked.

No one in Labour should speak of National without mentioning ACT.

“I fear the possible  National ACT Government will ……” insert statement here.

They could try to come up with some true Left vision policy, but we’ve all seen how weak Jacinda and Grant are when it comes to standing up to the Public Service, so outright fear it is!

The Government’s MPs (and I sadly include the Greens in this) need to get out from behind their twitter bubble and go be on every media outlet possible pushing their argument directly with hosts, journalists, podcasters etc etc. They need to get back into winning people over with debate rather than simply blocking or cancelling them!


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