Trevor Mallard’s dangerous gamble: Thursday Stupid Thursday


I don’t like Trevor Mallard.

I respect him.

But I don’t like him.

Every time we’ve met, he’s been a smug condescending prick and I see no chance of him ever changing.

But I respect him.

I believe he’s passionate about due process. I believe he’s been one of the best Speakers (YES HE IS!) but I also think he’s an unlikeable prick with a terrible short man syndrome that has left him with two chips on both shoulders and a breath taking capacity to ‘go there’ physically at the drop of a hat.

There’s no threat Trev can’t overkill.

And that leads me to today’s fucking fiasco on the lawns of NZ Parliament.

Trevor Mallard has today helped recruit more people to radicalism than Qanon could have ever have thought possible.

Is Trevor Q?

Let me be clear.

These feral lunatics with their crazy hodge-podge cavalcade of grievances must never be allowed to breach the threshold of Parliament.

No protestor can.

That is hallowed ground, and the State has a fierce responsibility to protect its seat of power for the sake of our Democracy.

I applauded the Police yesterday for their professionalism and calm courage to weather the storm some elements within the movement attempted by breaking through the Police line to get inside Parliament.

That line must hold and it held.


These people have the right to protest, but we can’t allow Parliament to be stopped.

By the end of yesterday, the factions within this ‘movement’ were already turning on each other with various groups criticising other faction leaders.

They hadn’t been able to use their numbers to seriously threaten the Realm of Aotearoa.

That all changed this morning when Trev had a spurt of blood to the head, and got all grumpy protector bear and ordered the State to clear the lawn…

…Let’s be very fucking clear.

He didn’t have to do that, and he shouldn’t have done that!

Remember the Occupation movement? Remember they occupied Parliament grounds from 15 October 2011 till 31 January 2012, so let’s not pretend this isn’t politically motivated.

Police trying to force these clowns off Parliament grounds is a public relations nightmare – all Trevor Mallard is doing is recruiting more raging protestors!

‘Respect my authority’ isn’t a justification for using Cops on protestors like this!

It is unacceptable that Police were given tasers during a protest!

Today the Police acted as professionally as they could, but they should never have been put in this position by the Speaker in the first place.

Tolerate these clowns, that’s what a strong liberal progressive democracy can do. Sure. stop them from entering Parliament, but allow them to have their say, as demented as it is, and they would have faded away.

Or at least diminished in size to the point they could be removed quietly and with some decorum rather than create a propaganda coup for the fringes!

They were already on the verge of imploding under the weight of their own political contradictions, Trev gave them a common enemy and martyred them in the eyes of their global allies.

Today was a very dangerous stunt by Trevor for nothing more than a short angry man power play and it has all the potential to cause the next Convoy to arrive looking for a fight.

I feel that Trev at this stage of his punch drunk political life is a bit like Worf from Star Trek Next Generation.

Every time Captain Picard asks ‘what should we do’, Worf’s immediate response is ‘Open fire and kill them all’.




We get it Worf: warrior, grrrr, fight, bash, vague Valhalla cultural references.

Likewise Trev, as soon as he’s threatened, doubles down and authorises overkill.

Perhaps when the next convoy he’s inspired turns up, we don’t play this needless brinkmanship?

Let’s also remember that Policing has thankfully come a lot further than this…

…Right now Trevor Mallard just built this rebellion into something far larger.

Thursday Stupid Thursday!

As for the 120+ protestors arrested, these wild, free, exuberantly ignorant protestors?

What of them?

People pushed to the extremes because mandates impact them economically the most cruelly, why they tasted the Jackboot of the State .

And they will never forgive or forget that.

Today made no one safer. It seeded something worse.

Can the rageaholic Speaker not be in charge of decisions that might have terrifying ramifications in the future?

Who woulda thunk forcing these people off the lawn would cause such a huge propaganda win for them?

Labour – can’t build houses, can’t raise welfare, can’t help renters & can’t implement a Capital Gains Tax – BUT CAN radicalise the fringes into political violence!

Naked Female protestor dragged out and arrested by Police

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