Trevor Mallard is being allowed to be Trevor Mallard again – someone inside Labour has to be an adult over his latest Dumb Lives Matter provocations

Sean Plunkett’s Platform broke this story first so kudos to Sean’s team…

Former National MP trespassed from Parliament grounds after being identified as protester

Former National MP Matt King has been trespassed from Parliament grounds after speaking at the Wellington protest earlier this year.

King was served a trespass letter tonight by post.

“In accordance with the above Act and section, you are hereby warned to stay off the place known as the parliamentary precincts,” the letter read.

In a letter seen by the Herald, King has been warned he could face imprisonment or a fine not exceeding $1000.


Now let’s just start by acknowledging that a boiled ham like Matt King is not a likeable fellow and he is a Q short of an anon.

I’m never voting for this lunatic and I don’t like him at all.


What bloody Trevor bloody Mallard is doing here is so outrageous and gasp inducing in its needlessly childish spite that anyone who cares about democracy as opposed to a tribal defensiveness of Mallard’s latest antics, someone inside Labour has to be an adult over his latest Parliament Lawn provocations!

He can’t fucking Trespass the leader of a political party who visited a Dumb Lives Matter protest!

Do you all appreciate how fucking authoritarian that is?

The IPCA is blowing $3.5million trying to clear them in the history books over the Parliament Lawn riots after Mallard triggered these riots with his incompetence and bewildering childishness during this protest AND NOW he’s trespassing politicians?


This is bullshit, someone get Mallard to pull his head in! Are you seriously telling us he’s going to trespass Winston for visiting the protests as well?

Mallard provoked this riot, Middle Class Marxists in Wellington don’t want to hear that because they were also spooked by the anger and were calling for the Police Commissioner to be sacked because he wouldn’t beat up the smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis…

…Mallard has been allowed to cause immense carnage in NZ with his mishandling of the Dumb Lives Matter protest, why the Christ is he being allowed to trespass politicians?

Come on, this is like that stupid Rotorua Māori Wards nonsense, that you all quietly agree with right up until it explodes in your face!

Let this boiled ham Matt King enjoy the freedoms of the democratic process without this trespass nonsense because that’s the obligations we all abide by! Using the system to amputate legitimate democratic voices for petty spite manages to make this whole fiasco worse.

For Christ’s sake! Someone muzzle Mallard!

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