Training with VR: The Future of Sports?

Digitization has us completely in the palm of its hand in more and more areas of our lives. It is being used more and more, and especially in areas that we could not have dreamed of a few years ago. The market for virtual reality has also evolved in many directions, and today you can not only play games on it, but also have fun sweating it out from the comfort of your living room. Increasing affordability has also played a big role here.

But no matter whether the summer is just coming or is already over again. Doing sports is not only good for the body, but also has a positive effect on our mind. So if you’re looking for a change from casinos in NZ, you don’t have to take your technology to the attic or throw it away. Exactly with this VR technology, you can now sweat properly in your living room at home due to the growing market completely without expensive registration in the gym.

Training with a lot of action

Everyone who has their own console loves to be able to really dive into a game and feel like they are a part of it. However, most will have noticed from time to time in classic video games the screen that automatically keeps the player at a distance and you can’t really get rid of the feeling of a barrier. This is exactly the area where VR goggles with a 360° all-round view provide a remedy.

In connection with sports, this is also much more practical, as the action around you provides a good distraction from the actual agony and exertion. The market offers dedicated games for this, such as “Sword Master VR”, which was even awarded as the best VR martial arts game. According to experts’ estimates, the game should even provide a similar effort as a round on the cross trainer.

Those who specifically want to work on their legs should put their agenda on “Hot Squats”. Here you have to constantly keep moving, as you have to avoid fast obstacles that are rushing towards you by skillfully squatting down. Not only in games, but also in reality, music supports many tasks. Here, too, techno music runs in the background for a lot of action.

Variety while running

If you can regularly motivate yourself to get on a treadmill and go to your limit there alone in your apartment, you will certainly, one or the other time have noticed that the motivation quickly comes to an end. Often you see your apartment the whole day, because you can not get out. If the weather is bad, there is nothing left but the treadmill, so that you don’t completely give up sports.

Virtual reality has also provided a remedy in this area, and thanks to some developers, it is possible to bring variety to the cross trainer or treadmill through such glasses. A pioneer in this field is the app “Zwift”. This app brings a quick change of scenery, so that from one second to the next, you are no longer running or cycling in the boring living room, but in a wide variety of places.

Not only cities like New York City are available in the app. The athlete also has the option of running through mountain peaks. For those who still find that too lonely, they can also run in company or even participate in competitions and prove their endurance. By attaching a simple additional sensor to the running shoes, the app can then optimally track the movements.

Building muscle in the air

A special VR sports device has been developed by the company Icaros. This elongated frame, on which you have to lie down and keep your balance, then allows you to control the direction and height in the air. Although it sounds so simple, developers have put a lot of effort into making sure that special muscle groups are used in particular.

Yoga on the virtual beach

You could do a relaxing round of yoga from the comfort of your own home even in the early days of television and DVDs. There are also numerous tutorials and videos on YouTube that show you exactly what to do in front of the screen. In the meantime, yoga has also made its way into virtual reality, giving you the opportunity to do yoga together in a whole group right away.

In addition to your own PC equipped with a compatible VR headset, you need the appropriate software. You can then create your avatar and start yoga with other students and a teacher in a 3D world. Alternatively, places like the Mediterranean Sea, the jungle or a lake are also possible, in order to be able to switch off even better and get away from everyday stress.

Advantages of VR sports

Many people who either do sports irregularly or not at all lack not so much opportunities, but more desire. It is too easy to find an excuse to shirk training for another day. Often this hurdle is seen primarily as getting to the gym or sports field, as it is often the biggest step. Most can confirm from experience that the first step is taken when you arrive at the gym and stand in front of the equipment.

Many people were able to overcome this initial hurdle by doing home workouts, but at some point even these no longer offered any variety, and so sooner or later some people lost interest and let their inner piggy win out. This is where the new virtual reality fitness technology comes into play. Above all, this brings the great advantage that you have a lot of choice available with one device.

Meanwhile, the market is also no longer just in its infancy. In the last few years, it has continued to grow and new providers have joined it. For some time now, VR headsets are no longer just something for rich people who have the necessary wealth, but are available to everyone at a reasonable price. After game developers jumped on the bandwagon, this market has also grown massively and today there is a gigantic selection for all those who not only want to have fun playing games, but also want to build muscles from home.