Tradeviz Review: Account Types & Diversification – A Perfect Deal

Trading in the stock market just doesn’t have only one side to it. Though most of the learners start with equity trading, there are other markets as well. And trading on all of these markets on a single brokerage platform is really bliss.

This is what Tradeviz is all about.

A single brokerage platform to pull off all your trades is really a great feature. Diversification is one of the key things that is taught in every finance class. What it also means is that you need to allocate your funds across different market segments.

Tradeviz is an excellent trading platform that gives a respite to the traders. With more than 50 plus segments should trade into, you can be sure that you are allocating your funds the right way.

Backed by some of the most powerful trading tools and the easiest account opening process, it is very simple for you to start trading right away.

Let us find out a little more about diversification.


Understanding Diversification 

Diversification is very crucial when it comes to surviving in the stock market. Not only is it going to save you from the unconditional ups and downs, but it is also going to save your capital from shocks.

Once you diversify your funds, you have an edge compared to the other traders.

The goal for fund diversification is also very crucial.

If you don’t have clarity in terms of why you are diversifying your funds, you will not be able to leverage the right options.

Talking of leverage, this platform comes out with some excellent leverage options as well.

Depending on the account type that is used, you can avail of some of the best leverage options.

Account types available for you

There are three account types that are available for the users. The Silver account type is for the beginner. With the leverage of 200:1 and the availability of advanced charts, it is a great option to start with.

The Gold account type provides higher leverage with great swap discounts available. Moreover, you also have a dedicated account manager for yourself.

With Free VPS and exclusive swap discounts available, Platinum is the best option for experienced traders. Not only do you have access to the dedicated account managers, but you can also grab the exclusive webinars as well.

Isn’t it really exciting?


Bottom line: If you’re using the right brokerage platform while trading, you can ensure that the trading journey is smooth. The right brokerage platform makes sure that you are having the correct tools to grow in your career.

Tradeviz is a great collection of analytic tools that helps you in keeping the MarketWatch. No matter wherever you are, you cannot let your investments go down the drain. Keeping a track of investments is very important and this is what this trading platform ensures that you can do.

Traders are at different phases during the trading journey, but no matter at which phase you are, if you choose the right brokerage platform, you will always do great. So, start trading with it right away. If you haven’t opened your trading account yet. Get started right now.