Trade Aid Is Saying No To Black Friday

Buying cheap allows big retail to squeeze the little guys and our local industries, who can’t compete with such big loss-leading sales. Fast consumerism leads to frivolous spending, and that leads to more wastage that has a huge environmental impact as our landfills fill up. Big sales push down wages and lead to an increase in forced labour and modern slavery in product supply chains. Financial pressure on the supply chain can further increase the risk of vulnerable people falling into modern slavery.

Earlier this this year, we ran an awesome campaign, asking kiwis to take act against modern slavery. It resulted in over 37,000 people signing a petition for the government to create a Modern Slavery Act, which is now progressing through parliament. We know kiwis don’t want any further risk to modern slavery.

For Trade Aid, it’s not about not purchasing the things you need or not enjoying your retail experience; it’s how people buy and what products people choose to buy that’s important.

On Black Friday their stores will be open but their won’t be any hustle and bustle. Being more mindful in our lives is required, especially around this busy time of year. Slowing down helps us to be intentional with our spending. So we thought, what better way to relax than to have a cuppa. If you’d like some respite, come into our stores and we’ll be giving out tea samples for you to take a load off too. There’s nothing that can’t be solved over a good cuppa tea.

Trade Aid seeks to level the playing field with intentional shopping and to champion a world where trade is fair and sustainable for all including our trading partners, artisans, and producers.