To be honest, the whole ‘insulting Serbia’ is just a bonus

Look I don’t care about Tennis, Australia or celebrity anti Vaxxer tantrums.

Actually I quite like celebrity anti Vaxxer tantrums.

The point is this entire Djokovic fiasco has nothing I care about in it to bother commenting, e-x-c-e-p-t his bloody Dad who has claimed (while comparing his Son to Jesus Christ) that this entire episode is some weird affront to the Serbian people???

When I see nationalism this toxic, I can’t help but make jokes.

I don’t think the good people of Serbia appreciates that most people in Australasia have no idea where Serbia is, let alone insult them!

To be honest, the whole ‘insulting Serbia’ thing is just a bonus!

Other than genocidal Muslim war crimes and starting World War 1, Djokovic is the only export most of us recognise as Serbian but listening to the nationalistic bullshit being vomited up by Djokovic‘s supporters demands the rest of us mock this Anti Vaxxer clown while remembering all the terrible things the Serbs did so that when the next celebrity anti Vaxxer attempts a tantrum over public health rules, they don’t ever attempt to conflate that with some wounded sense of nationhood!

Send the clown home to his precious bloody Serbia.

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