Thoughts on latest Far Right Christian Dumb Lives Matter protest

Sigh – so you want your freedom so you can disrupt everyone else’s freedom?

Protesters stop motorway traffic in Auckland, cause disruption in Wellington

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition Facebook page advertising the event urged Aucklanders: “Get ready to create all manner of mayhem…”

A press release suggested they planned to “cause a major public interruption and disruption”.

…look, this is a liberal progressive democracy, and even Far Right Christian Dumb Lives Matter protestors have the right to protest.

Even if that protest is at the height of a second Covid peak.

The impact of Far Right Christian politics was seen in the cannabis referendum and has been seen in the anti-vaccination movement. They are bedded into far right hate media from Counterspin to BFD.

If you believe in an invisible magical flying wizard for your day to day morality, it’s not that much of a hop, skip and a jump into believing a Satanic pedophile cult has spread a virus using 5G technology to bring about a shadowy one world UN government.

While Far Right Christians have every right to protest and push for damaging freedumb ideology, one can certainly ask why Churches are exempt from tax.

If Far Right Christians want to get political, can’t we as agnostic citizens in a democracy demand they lose their tax exemptions?

As for their sad arguments, we just endured a once in a century pandemic, and while nothing is ever perfect when such an event occurs, this Government and the State did the best it could to protest us all.

Was that perfect?


Were there mistakes?


Does that justify Far Right Christians blocking motorways to protest?

Not at all, but it is their right in a liberal progressive democracy to protest.

That’s why it was important Christchurch Council dumped their attempt to charge Destiny Church for protests down there, because the right to protest in a democracy is special and demands extra protection.

Do I think these people are feral lunatics?

Yes, yes I do.

Do they still have the same right to protest as the rest of us?

Yes, yes they do.

Should we remove all Church tax exemptions?

Yes, yes we should.

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