Thoughts for the Green Left Coup Plotters

Shock James Shaw vote rocks the Greens coalition boat

The Green Party’s James Shaw says he is “still processing” his shock ousting from the co-leadership and is yet to decide if he will contest the job again.

Under Green Party rules the position is contested when at least 25% of delegates vote to reopen nominations. A vote is taken every year.

Shaw said he received 75 votes against 32, but that was enough to trigger a contest for the co-leadership.

Congratulations Comrades, you had more ability to plot out a basic take over strategy than I gave you credit for and you haven’t listened to anything I’ve said to you.

I’ve spoken with these factions before and I’ll tell you what I told them, “you should have done this last year like I fucking told you to”.

You can’t burn Chloe’s political capital on a takeover that splits the wider membership and she bleeds out at the ballot box in 2023.

Yes there needs to be a far more radical Green Party, yes James Shaw is a clown, yes Chloe would be amazing – but timing Comrades, timing! The time for this courage was 12 months ago, leaving it this late risks implosion!

Like I told you all this week.

As the father of 100 coups in various political factions in NZ over the decades, my advice is you can’t take someone out simply because you gerrymander the numbers, you have to have an entire change of direction ready to implement.

You have no new policy for Chloe, you have no new strategy and no new messaging.

You have to have the solutions in hand and a new leadership vision and strategy ready to roll out.

Remember Todd Muller?

He had no idea of what the fuck he was going to do once he had the leadership.

If you simply replace James with no new policy platform, then this is a move for power, not progress.

I’m all for coups, but they must establish a new tranche of change, if it doesn’t do that, it’s just power stealing for the sake of ego isn’t it?

With all due respect to my Comrades in the Underground Green Left, you’ve all been played by fucking Hooton!

He is the architect of the Death Star, the Union representative for South American Dictators and the Sith, he is a player of the Dark Arts at the highest level, and the fact he talked about you behind his paywall made you feel special didn’t it?

He manipulated you all and he’s currently doing the the victory lap at the, ‘I-can’t-believe- how-clever-I-am-and-how-dumb-they-are’ Nazgul Consultancy Express…

…you’ve been breadcrumbed into a minefield by Matthew Hooton. Nothing good ever comes from that decision.

Matthew Hooton has played you like a fiddle, here is the fiddle…

…if I were being scathingly critical, I’d say “You clowns can’t even get a fucking coup right – Jacinda’s already pledged support to Shaw to remain as Minister, meaning YOU GAIN NOTHING by dumping him other than looking divided & pissing wider membership off with a Whare of Cards ego power plays – the time to do this was last year”!

That’s what I would say if I was being critical, but let’s examine the Chessboard and game out the options.


Here are the scenarios.

1: Continue walking into the Matthew Hooton built trap and kill James Shaw and replace him with Chloe, with no new policy, deep divisions in the wider Green membership and a message to the wider electorate of division in the Greens. This scenario risks making the Greens look like a University Feminist Party with environmental pretensions.

Like this…

…in a culture war election, the wanky wokeness which Marama Davidson is claiming is their means to victory, is going to beat the fucking bejesus out of the Greens. They just don’t understand how alienating they currently are. The Left are haemorrhaging male votes, knifing off the last remaining Heteronormative White Cis Male for a non-binary co-leadership model will electorally have the effect of Ebola on most male voters.

2: Don’t take Shaw out, cut a deal that allows him the dignity of fighting this last election and he steps down right after that and allows an open leadership challenge. Use the time to activate youth vote and actually have a policy platform ready to go when he does step down.

3: Take out Shaw, have a barnstorming election process that doubles as a grief counselling session for pissed off members and have an entirely new policy platform that throws everything at the issues that must matter most – green economics with real material change in peoples lives that goes beyond the performance art of identity.

The problem is the Greens don’t know if they are Arthur or Martha anymore, and if they did they would require a 6 month hui to debate which pronouns to use.

Marama is already on record before the AGM saying alienating middle class identity politics is the future of the Greens, which in a way could be true. An army of eye twinkling woke micro aggression policing neophyte’s is one future if you want a Green Stasi I suppose!

I’m no political expert but a movement that sees everyone less mentally ill than themselves as privileged and everyone more mentally ill than them as toxic doesn’t win elections.

Replacing James with Chloe with no new policy and just more alienating middle class identity politics is a sure fire way of being 7% on Election Day 2023.

If you are lucky.

Meanwhile the 1% are laughing while the planet is burning.

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