This week ACT celebrated 25 years as a political party. 

This week ACT celebrated 25 years as a political party.

Birthed from rich pricks who didn’t want MMP, they scaremongered the electorate with spooky TV adverts about unelected interests dictating democracy, so you can imagine everyone’s surprise when after losing the MMP fight they formed a political party to immediately exploit the very fears they had just promoted.

It’s been an interesting 25 years, crazy scandals and batshit mad right wing reactionary policy, but right now ACT is at the edge of true power.

National will need ACT to form a Government, and I don’t think that people fully appreciate that when David Seymour says he will sacrifice the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Ministry of Māori Affairs, The Ministry of Ethnic Affairs, the Ministry of Pacific People, The Ministry of Womens Affairs AND the Human Rights Commission on the Milton Friedman altar of small government – Oh he’s 1000% serious.

The NZ Political Left need to spend less time on cancelling people for pronouns and more time on policy that will materially benefit kiwis because if we don’t, a National/ACT Government are going to go romper stomper.

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