This is what Labour Party Backbenchers think is Whare of Cards Machiavellian genius

Oh God this is embarrassing…

Opposition MPs hit out at Labour’s select committee gatekeeping

Opposition parties say Labour is misusing its majority by keeping useful information away from the select committees.

MPs from across the House, including National, ACT and the Greens say backbench Labour MPs – who make up the majority of members at most select committees – are actively blocking parliamentarians from accessing information from officials.

They say this gatekeeping is undermining the job of the Opposition and obstructing democratic debate.

The issue of select committee gatekeeping surfaced most recently with the National Party’s justice, police and mental health spokespeople being denied access to the police commissioner and also for a briefing on the damning Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission report.

But Opposition MPs say this has been an ongoing issue, since Labour won a majority at the 2020 election.

National Party leader Christopher Luxon said there was a trend where Labour MPs would block briefings and inquiries about health, policing and housing.

“For a Government that purports to be transparent and open, it’s blocking us from doing our job – which is holding them to account but more importantly, doing the right thing by New Zealanders who are asking some questions,” he said.

Luxon said his MPs started keeping a record of every time Government MPs blocked their requests for briefings or meetings with officials, which he said was happening more than once a week.

National had recorded 19 instances so far.

…bloody Labour Party Backbenchers!

Is there a more tribally bitchy bunch of spite clowns than these MPs?

It’s all so cringingly petty like a middle class mean girls clique at a private school.

They think this type of bullshit is Machiavellian genius and it’s been happening for 2 years now!

Poto Williams tried it last month by denying Mark Mitchell access to the Police, Carmel Sepuloni just hangs up on journalists, Labour are trying to ignore scrutiny over the Parliament Lawn riot and let’s not forget the Health Select Committee fiasco that ended up awarding Chris Bishop an extra question in Parliament.

When you are making Chris Bishop look good, you need to ask yourself  ‘why am I in Politics?’

I wish this could all be explained as ruthless strategic political management by Labour, but trust me, they aren’t this clever. It’s just petty bullshit mixed with what they think is Machiavellian genius mixed with a level of political arrogance after 5 years that is bewilderingly misplaced.

What it really speaks to is that the Left have lost the confidence to win arguments. Our activist base is infested with woke deplatforming and cancel culture dogma and instead of arguing our case, Labour MPs think cancelling that debate is the smartest way to deal with it.

They’ve lost the confidence of arguing the Left wing cause, so it’s just easier to not engage and force stuff through no matter how arrogant that looks to the rest of the voters.


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