The war against MSD begins – how domestic terror powers could be abused (again)

‘Senseless, malicious’ arson attack closes Kaikohe MSD office

The Ministry of Social Development office in Kaikohe has been closed for an unknown duration after an arson attack described by a fire investigator as “senseless, deliberate and malicious”.

The attack means clients in need of help in the Kaikohe area will have to contact MSD by phone or online.

Any that need to meet staff face-to-face may have to drive long distances at a time when petrol prices are sky-high and many families are struggling financially.

The Kaikohe Fire Brigade was called out to the government agency’s service centre on Memorial Ave, not far from the Far North District Council chambers, just after 2.30am on Monday.

One of the reasons why the Government’s wage subsidy was just a page long document that bypassed MSD was because MSD is building to be as obtuse and vile as humanly possible to stop desperate people from accessing anything.

The last thing the Government needed in the middle of a pandemic was middle class people dealing with the spiteful malice of MSD staff. Beneficiaries know this horror well, but they have no voice or power in society, where as 10 000 Karens all screaming at Jacinda on Twitter would expose MSD to widespread criticism.

The malice of MSD staff is well documented and the degrading manner in which they make beneficiaries repeatedly crawl over broken glass to get anything is established fact and with the extra pressures of the looming economic recession expect arson attacks against MSD to become a favourite new hobby of the desperate.

Watch how domestic terror laws become abused the second torch an MSD building becomes the new trending tictoc dance.

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