The speed of Covid entropy & economic collapse by December will surprise Kiwis

Covid-19: New cases soar by more than 3000 in a single day, reaching 9629

New cases of Covid-19 have soared by more than 3000 in a single day, rising from 6498 on Monday to 9629 on Tuesday, the Ministry of Health says.

There are also 493 people in hospital, and 24 people with the virus have died in the period since April 14, the ministry said.

The seven-day rolling average of community case numbers on Tuesday is 7246 – a rise of about 32 per cent on the same time last year.

Covid isn’t half way finished with us.

Even if we are to accept a baseline sickness and death rate, the extra capacity required in our Hospital system from space to staff to annual extra resourcing isn’t even ready.

So we have the immediacy of an ongoing second wave of a new variant that is even more bloody spreadable and re-infectable PLUS a health system beyond capacity.


Here’s why Covid Tsunami Wave 2 could be worse.

1 – Covid Exhaustion:

We are so polarised, so angry, so hurting, so psychologically ill, so economically frightened and grumpy now that any idea of going back into lockdown would be met with near civil disintegration. As cases soar to 20 000 a day, there would need to be actual ambulances gridlocked outside hospitals with dead patients before Kiwis accept going back into lockdown again. We’d need to see mass graves before we begrudgingly listen to Siouxsie Wiles again, which probably doesn’t speak well for us as a people.

2 – Old People:

It’s going to be old people in over crowded underfunded retirement villages thanks to our throw away culture when it comes to the elderly who will bear the brunt ion the mortality. Because we don’t care about old people in NZ, their death rates can soar to stratospheric levels before anyone will do anything.

3 – The bleeding gums of our inequality: 

Covid has exposed the bleeding gums of our engrained inequality. It will feast on that poverty and it will rob communities who have nothing to spare.

Because Covid will hit the poor and vulnerable most, wider society won’t care because their own economic insecurity will be driving their emotional response.

The only safety gauge in this looming reactionary backlash is our high vaccination rates which will blunt an all out collapse.

My point is, we don’t need to go back into red or lockdown for this next wave to be mutilating to the country, both public health wise, economically and politically.

On top of us facing this gridlock panic moment with Covid, comes the economic recession…

US Faces a Fed-Triggered Recession That May Cost Biden a Second Term

Rate hikes to counter inflation lift risk of a downturn to 72% in Bloomberg Economics models — heralding trouble for the White House

…that’s from Bloomberg, when Capitalism’s Pageboy is preaching economic apocalypse, one should listen. With $13 Trillion lost on Stock Markets in the worst start to any year for half a century, shit bout to get real.

Plummeting confidence rates are occurring at a time of near universal low Unemployment in the West with per hour wages at some of their highest rates.

What does that mean?

It means that since 2008, all the global growth has been a debt binged ticking time bomb held together by hope and snot.

That despite holding down a job with the highest pay levels ever, the entire facade has been a hollowed out illusion totally out of synch with the true costs of production.

Sever the global supply chains into the deepest darkest parts of China’s de-unionised work force and prices explode leaving Central Banks with only massive interest rate hikes as an inflation brake-pedal that will cause the event horizon of all that black hole of debt.

In short, we are about to be hit by a second wave of the Covid Tsunami  AT THE SAME TIME as a global economic recession that has a real possibility of being a depression that is worse than the 1929 crash.

I think the speed of the entropy now may surprise some Kiwis.

I do not feel that we are ready for this jelly.

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