The simple truth is – Simon Bridges has earned a second shot

The Key-Luxon conjoined twin pitch is Luxon for Leader and Key replacing Goodfellow as President. Together, puppet and master, will shoulder tap the next generation of alpha leaders to stand as a fresh new generation of right wing politicians vetted through a candidate academy.

It’s elitism on cocaine.

The problem is Luxon is utterly untested and already smells like Todd Muller.

I mean getting Key to do the phoning just looks so chinless doesn’t it?

The truth is Simon earned a second shot. He was gracious in defeat, wrote a book and continued to be one of their best performers.

Before Covid, National was neck and neck with Labour, and that was because Simon was pushing back all the time. He fought in the trenches and did the hard yards, to write his leadership off is a mistake.

Look I think Luxon would be a great Deputy and alongside a Maori National Leader embody the aspiration that National values.

The reality is that National are polling well in poorer electorates, Simon Bridges appeals to that electorate, a very religious rich CEO doesn’t.

Selecting Simon would be a means of healing the Muller fiasco while cauterizing Collins.

What Collins did by maliciously weaponizing MeToo shouldn’t be rewarded.

Luxon is looking mighty privileged and the perception is Key is buying the National Party.

Simon is battle tested, Luxon is not.

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