The problem for Chris Luxon on tax cuts and the easy solution to it

I think there has been an enormous political blunder by Luxon’s team.

He is good at the 30-45second sound bite on 5minute morning radio and Breakfast TV interviews and he comes across fairly slick in those 30-45seconds, but a 20minute live TV interview with Jack Tame?

Come on!

Luxon wasn’t ready!

And let’s not put up with any ‘Jack was being a bully’ crap! Jack is a very straight broadcaster, very smart and very well researched, if you can’t front foot it with Jack, you shouldn’t be stepping up!

Jack is an excellent broadcaster and pushes for answers Luxon should have effortlessly had.

The fundamental problem for every right wing politician selling tax cuts is the following: Average Punter asks how much they are getting in tax cuts, and under National that’s $850 per year, and then they ask the politician trying to sell the tax cut how much they are getting, and in Luxon’s case it will be $18000 and average punters say fuck off – the poor aren’t stupid!

That’s why none of this makes sense, because shifting the tax bracket should be a vote winner for National. It’s not a tax cut, it’s allowing hard working Kiwis to keep more of the pittance they earn! But by refusing to rule out scrapping the top tax rate, it becomes a de facto tax cut issue.

The solution to this is all so obvious and again screams questions about Luxon’s team.

The automatic inoculation of the criticism of Luxon getting $18000 in a tax cut, is an announcement by Chris that he intends to donate that full $18000 to a charity!

That way the criticism is void and it makes Luxon look magnanimous and charitable.

He bewilderingly told Jack he didn’t ‘need’ the $18000 (which in of itself is a red flag), so why not donate it to charity?

That this obvious means to shut down that criticism while building Luxon’s reputation wasn’t employed from the start suggests a team that isn’t playing 3 moves ahead.

Luxon is not having a great time of it in the media at the moment – he goes off the ZB talking points and throws his rump base some raw meat ideas like no public transport subsidies and dumping Labour Day and then has to walk them back 24 hours later.

He is gaffing a lot here and he starts to come across like David Shearer.

Chris Luxon DOES NOT want to come across like David Shearer.


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