The political reminder of how hard right ACT Karen’s really are

Look, ACT are funnier than National and far, far, far cooler than National.

Of that there can be no doubt, but beyond the sick burns and clever one liners, the policy mix is fucking crazy and infinitely spiteful.

Be under no illusion, if ACT are anywhere near power, they honestly want to damage the system so much so that the system can’t won’t and won’t work..

ACT’s pledge to reverse sick leave, pause minimum wage hikes, scrap extra public holiday and benefit boost

If the centre-right wins in 2023, ACT promises to pause minimum wage hikes, reverse sick leave increases and the upcoming benefit boost, and scrap either the new Matariki holiday or another public holiday.

ACT MP Karen Chhour, spokesperson for social development, says the Government is entrenching welfare dependency with the benefit increases.

“Welfare should be about helping people get back on their feet, not allowing them to abuse the system and depend on the state. Welfare should not be a lifestyle choice,” Chhour says.

“Almost 188,000 adults are receiving the Jobseeker benefit, yet we have severe labour shortages in many sectors that are not being addressed.”

…firstly, almost 82 000 of those almost 188 000 are sickness and disability beneficiaries whom Karen (her name is Karen, isn’t that glorious?) want’s to force back to work at the end of a pitchfork so maybe the question shouldn’t be ‘why are 188000 on a Jobseeker benefit’ and should be ‘why are MSD and WINZ making sick and disabled peoples lives miserable by threatening them with sanctions if they don’t work’.

ACT want to channel the naked rage of those who see bashing dirty filthy bennies as a cultural right, we have allowed the legacy of a de-unionised work force and the jealousy those low wage conditions have generated to spill over onto beneficiaries.

ACT play to this and pretend their hand up not hand out rhetoric is the solution when really they want their hand around your throat.

Here is their catalogue of greatest hits…

  • Cut and freeze the Minimum wage
  • Interest back on all student loans
  • No Kiwsaver subsidy
  • Cancel winter energy payment
  • Dump all climate crisis legislation
  • no more best start payments for families with new borns
  • cut welfare payments
  • no tax credits for research and development
  • cuts to working for families
  • $7b a year cut in public services
  • Abolish Maori seats
  • Abolish Human Rights Commission

…these are the mad rantings of the fringe, but with the polarisation of political debate and the Left incapable of actually debating ACT (because they are too busy cancelling and de-platforming them), ACT + National could be the math that gives them a Parliamentary majority in 2023.

Chloe Swarbrick is the best Left wing MP who can actually knock Seymour off his feet in a debate, the Left and the Greens should be pushing this.

David Seymour wants a debate on co-governance, the space should be set to allow Chloe to do that.


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