The planet is burning & James Shaw is fiddling

I have zero confidence in James Shaw at COP26.

My derision is driven not by the technical processes of He Waka Eke Noa or the negotiating with corporate farming to pretend methane isn’t dangerous or the never ending jaw fest over carbon pricing and bullshit markets that allow polluters to pay penance for their polluting sins while continuing to pollute.

The nonsense that we have told ourselves to pretend we are doing something is eclipsing the truth.

This is the truth…

…and this is the truth…

…the truth is that fighting global warming means fighting rapacious free market capitalism.

The truth is the woke middle class Greens can fight for trans mommy blogger 4th wave feminism intersectionist free the nipple vegan cycling indigenous protests and anti fat shaming crusades, not so good at challenging the economic hegemonic structures of free market capitalism to stop the planet melting. Less ‘Marx’ and more ‘Meh’.

The truth is the poorest will suffer first.

The truth is that we need to look at a post growth economy and society. We need 4 day weeks, we need 40 hour weeks period. We need more artists. We need a State with capacity. We need to be sustainable for the basics. We need to be 100% renewable power.

The truth is we need to be far kinder to individuals while being far crueller to Corporations.

The truth is we can’t stop global warming and catastrophic climate change and that our only hope is radical adaptation.

The truth is the current political spectrum can not adapt fast enough to make legislation to deal with radical adaptation.

The truth is a Revolution at the ballot box is required.

The truth is that the climate crisis is now and if you thought voters were frightened by Covid, they ain’t seen nothin yet.

The truth will quickly be that being a smug hermit kingdom has its advantages.

In a climate crisis world, New Zealand will be one of those rare places that will be relatively unharmed.

Radical adaptation here means we can survive.

The truth is survival may well be the only goal.

The Government’s Climate Emergency was an empty virtue signal. COP26 is an empty virtue signal.

The rapidly changing climate will dictate the reality now. If you think swapping carbon credits is a solution, you are part of the problem.


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