The only certainty of a National/ACT 2023 Government with Luxon as PM & Seymour as Finance Minister

I know, I know, I know.

Lots of people are pissed with Jacinda, the lack of real transformative change and everyone blames the pandemic on her personally.

People are stressed, hurting and frightened. Everyone is angry and Everyone wants to punish someone.

That someone currently is Jacinda and Labour.

The left have gone to the Greens in protest which is doubly insulting because the Greens are even more useless than Labour.

Centrists have marched off to National without understanding that a vote for Luxon is a vote for far right ACT Party free market dogma as social policy.

And the social media battlefield activists alienate one another on is also radicalising people literally insane with hate algorithms.

But let’s just be super clear on the only certainty of a National/ACT 2023 Government with Luxon as PM & Seymour as Finance Minister.

If elected, things will almost certainly become dramatically worse.

Let’s not kid ourselves on this.

ACT are genuinely radical and have zero intention of becoming a Government without radical reform. When Seymour says he intends to axe 5 Minitry’s, plus the Human Rights Commission while cutting $7billion from welfare, he fucking means it and Luxon is too desperate to prove God’s faith in him to turn down any demands Seymour makes during negotiations.

National’s meaningless twaddle on policy shows ACT will dominate every area. Luxon is for everything while being against everything. No asset sales, no declines in welfare, tax cuts, Government spending cuts, no clear policy that he would axe – Luxon is being everything to everyone but has zero experience in the real demands of Government.

His shadow cabinet is barely visible, we joke at Labour’s talent pool being a puddle, but sweet Jesus, National is a joke looking for a punchline in terms of talent.

National stand for nothing, have little ability and will be dominated politically and psychologically by the Far Right Free Market elements within ACT.

National are a political cocktail of toxic privilege mixed with a parochial sophistry that attacks anything which makes them feel small. Unfortunately everything makes them feel small.

National have no solutions to any of the problems in front of us, just ZB talking points.

We all have legitimate grievance with Labour, but let’s not fool ourselves that the alternative of a National/ACT Government would be better or even on level footing with this Government.

It would be far far far worse.

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