The one chart by Matthew Hooton you must watch to see Omicron Tsunami

Hooton came up with a very clever Omicron chart that basis itself on a 33% increase, he’s calling not the ‘Hootonian equation’, I suspect he did this to shit all over the modellers advice so that he could attack the Government’s credibility.

Unfortunately it’s turned out to be excruciatingly precise and we need to keep an eye on it because it’s a terrifying overview of where we might be going with caseloads…

…most of the Omicron outbreak has looked like this, a very slow spotty start and then obscene lift off.

We are enjoying mocking the modellers while screaming for MIQ to open while cheering Charlotte Bellis, but look at where Hooton predicts we will be buy the end of February, 111, 993 cases in a day????

I don’t think we are ready for what comes next.


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