The Omicron Omnishambles: You are on your own vs why we need a bigger State

The Stage 7 of the moon phase with Capricorn rising hop scotch traffic light level of Covid response happiness is in effect and no one really knows what the fuck is going on.

The complexities required of moving from ‘Jacinda & Grant will save you, stay home’ has moved to 6 pieces of information for essential workers to navigate during an Omicron Pandemic that shuts down supply chains to get a RAT test so they can go back to work quicker and sicker.

While juggling kittens and chainsaws.

The Second Stage of Omicron is ‘You’re on your own kids, see everyone who survives on the other side, don’t forget to vote Labour’.

Now we find out what 30 years of the neoliberal experiment has left us with, can the free market amputation of the State protect us or has it all been one giant ideological Frankenstein experiment that has left us with a grotesquely underfunded State too anaemic to protect its people?

Let’s find out over the coming months as the State shrugs in the face of an Omicron Tsunami and says, ‘goodluck’.

After this has hit and passed and destroyed lives, let’s ask why we don’t fund a bigger State with a more progressive tax system eh?

Brace for impact comrades.

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