The new Sexual Assault Laws being crammed through Parliament this week

Labour and the Greens are this week cramming through controversial law that amount to foundational changes to our sexual assault laws.

They are doing this in the hope no one notices just before Christmas.

On top of the existing protections for victims of sexual assault, the Greens want to actively gerrymander the current defence to rape by having past sexual history between accuser and the accused wiped from the Jury.

The only defence to rape when there isn’t a disagreement over the event occurring is that the one being accused thought they had consent and they use past sexual history to arrive at that consent.

By eliminating this defence on top of eroding the right to silence alongside promises that the victim won’t ever have to come back for cross examinations, the Greens hope to gerrymander a system of justice that is tailor-made to ensure the guilt of the accused.

Just consider that for a moment.

These changes are not about ensuring justice, these changes are about ensuring guilty convictions.

That is the total opposite of Justice.

It’s part of a new woke faith based legal system where you must believe the accuser and removes any defence from anyone accused so that 10 innocent men go to jail rather than allowing one guilty man go free.

It’s the Spinoff threshold of guilt.

As far as Labour and the Greens are concerned, due process is a heteronormative white cis male privilege so undermining right to silence and removing contextualisation and intent to ensure guilt is perfectly acceptable.

The only difference between a woke lynch mob and a Sensible Sentencing lynch mob is that the woke use sustainable hemp rope.

You know what would be neat? If Labour and the Greens could put as much effort into the housing crisis as they are to ensuring anyone accused of sexual assault is found guilty.

Most New Zealander’s will be utterly unaware of these proposed changes and the legal establishment in NZ have been vocal in challenging the Greens over their use of overseas examples which they claim don’t stand up to scrutiny.

To wilfully manipulate the legal system so that it is designed to find more people guilty rather than better quality justice is an extraordinarily dangerous precedent to set no matter who is doing it.

That so many prisoners are desperately grasping for this new Criminal Cases Review Commission should be a warning sign we are already imprisoning innocent people.

I would post a picture of Lady Justice here, but apparently she’s been cancelled..

..welcome to your brave new world where ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird’ was never written.

This isn’t a Left or Right wing issue, it’s about justice and the values we have built into that justice system.

The Greens continually point to the ‘1% conviction rate of all unreported sexual assaults’ as their justification to design a Court that ensures guilty verdicts, but right now 31% of sexual assault cases see a conviction and using guesstimates of something unmeasurable to justify a process that ensures guilt is Orwellian in its design.

Why bother having a trial if the Greens have already found all men guilty?

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