The Most Famous Sports-Inspired Casino Games

For years, the casino operators in the industry have tried to stimulate growth in the sector by introducing concepts familiar to new players. Popular TV shows and movies have been incorporated into slot machines. Other elements of pop culture have also been added to boost the variety of games that online casinos offer.

The idea is that individuals will mostly choose to try out games they seem familiar with. That’s why online casino operators install several sports-inspired games. When you visit an online casino as a New Zealander, you’d surely see games with themes from basketball, football, and even tennis.

It doesn’t matter whether you play or watch basketball or football as a professional or as a fan, visiting the best online casino in New Zealand and playing these games would be very entertaining. This article will walk you through some famous sports-inspired casino games.

Top Sports-Themed Online Casino Games

  • Basketball-Themed Online Casino Games

The most commonly played basketball-themed online casino game is Basketball Star Slot which Microgaming launched. The least amount that can be bet in this game is 5 cents.

Basketball Star Slot features top-notch graphics that display a court, basketball sneakers, prizes, and popular players. Once a 3+ symbol shows up during play, the free spins become activated.

Slam Dunk is another popular sports-themed game that took its development idea from a movie, Space Jam. The least amount that can be bet in this game is one cent, which is five times less than that of the Basketball Star Slot.

  • Tennis-Themed Online Casino Games

Tennis Champion is the most commonly played tennis-themed casino game. The gameplay necessitates the user to have the same symbol displayed on the pay lines. Tennis Stars is another common slot game that comes with great graphic quality. Tennis Stars is exclusive because players never have to wait to get payouts.

Perhaps the best tennis-themed casino game is Lucky Tennis. Lucky Tennis is a game that takes the idea of roulette and combines it with the tennis world. You’ll have to guess where the ball will land on any of the 37 areas on a wheel. These spots are named after famous tennis players.

  • Football-Themed Online Casino Games

Based on statistics, football-themed slots receive the highest engagement by casino players. The most popular of these games is Football Mania. Football Mania is unique for its ease and simple user interface. The wagers that can be placed vary from 50 cents to 100 dollars. To qualify for the minimum winnings, you must match 3 symbols.

Football Star is another online casino game launched by Microgaming, and it features a wide variety of games. The games offer players anything from winnings to free spins. If you want to try out other football games, you can go for Benchwarmers Football Girls.

Final Thoughts

Casino games utilize the strategy of introducing some form of familiarity to attract potential players to platforms. Although TV shows and movies are used, sports-inspired slots are the most popular. There are games like Tennis Stars, Football Mania, Football Star, and Basketball Star Slot to make sports fans feel comfortable.