The Maori Party finally stop making it all about their dramas and actually suggest a good idea


After screaming the Government’s response to vaccination of Maori was a genocide (two kinds, a ‘modern’ genocide and a ‘bureaucratic genocide’) after screaming racist shoes and racist ties, the Maori Party have suddenly remembered them being in Parliament isn’t about their dramas and they are actually in Parliament to serve the people…

Te Pāti Māori Launch Policy To Remove GST From All Food

Te Pāti Māori have today announced their policy to remove GST from kai as Aotearoa experiences the worst cost of living crisis in generations.

…removing GST off fresh fruit and vegetables would allow people to purchase good food cheaply, the Maori Party are going further than that and allowing sugar drenched and fat drenched mass produced shit masquerading as food to also be allowed in a huge win for big sugar, but it’s so rare to get the Maori Party talking about issues rather than themselves, let’s take the wins where we can.

We need to get GST off fresh and healthy food so people have real pathways to better quality and better priced food, it isn’t the great difficulty that critics claim it will be, Australia already does this and they own half our Supermarket Duopoly so it isn’t impossible.

We need new ideas because the war in Ukraine combined with China’s zero tolerance of Covid means supply chains will increasingly become fraught and stretched beyond snapping and things won’t get better this year.

Good to see the Maori Party talking about issues that actually have a material impact on people’s lives rather than endless micro aggression policing.


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