The Liberal Agenda: Paddy Gower on Booze review – 1 star


This series of ‘Paddy Gower on …” has now just become a group therapy session for Paddy.

Last doco it was ‘Paddy Gower on Hate’ where he got to have a counselling session on how guilty he was at interviewing crypto-facsists and why the next terror attack will be a white supremacist against Muslims because all white people are racists.

The week ‘Paddy Gower on Hate’ came out, an ISIS terrorist walked into a Supermarket in West Auckland and stabbed people.

He was shot dead.

He wasn’t a white supremacist.

This latest doco it’s all about Paddy having a booze problem which I have no interest in.

It could have been a doco about how the barely regulated Booze Industry manipulate us and push their profits for their own benefit. It could have been about how communities can’t push the booze paddlers out, it could have been a thousand bloody things about how we are a nation of alcoholics, it wasn’t any of that, it was a personal journey by Paddy to try and come up with another topic for his doco series.

I can’t blame this tedious crap on Paddy, the drive for more female viewers and making all content about your ‘feelings’ where personal subjective experience trumps all else is the norm these days, so this dreck is as good as documentaries get on TV now.

I can’t wait for ‘Paddy Gower on bum cancer’, ‘Paddy Gower on dating” and “Paddy Gower on  getting a pet”.

Documentaries like this are why we are a nation of morons.

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