The Liberal Agenda: New Zealand’s 30th annual celebration of cannabis, J Day, will be held on Saturday 7 May, 2022.

“Aotearoa’s cannabis community has collectively been holding it’s breath, to see if their beloved celebration would be happening this year,” said event organiser Chris Fowlie, president of NORML New Zealand (Inc).

“We’re pleased to announce J Day will be going ahead in all it’s glory, for the 30th edition at Albert Park, Auckland’s historic home of social change.”

J Day is a free annual community event celebrating Kiwi cannabis culture and protesting against outdated prohibition-era laws. We’re asking all supporters of cannabis law reform to spread the word, and come along. “Bring your buddies!”

About J Day:

This will be our 30th Annual national day of action supporting cannabis law reform (J Day began in 1992 but was not held in 2020 due to Covid), including safe legal access to medicinal cannabis.

NORML and our cannabis law reform friends organise free events nationwide to mark the occasion. These usually take the form of music, speeches and stalls in a park or suitable location. J Day is where you can meet like minded people, relax without fear, learn how you can help make cannabis legal, join NORML and meet us too!

Covid update:

J Day is held outdoors in a park. There are currently no special restrictions on outdoor events. However due to the presence of Covid in the community we ask everyone to act responsibly and safely, by:

  • not sharing saliva through joints or pipes;
  • wearing a face mask, if you’re in close proximity to others;
  • scanning the Covid QR code on entering the venue (optional);
  • staying home if unwell, symptomatic, or told to isolate.

For more information including the latest updates about J Day, please see:

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