The Liberal Agenda: Matariki Review – An important moment in NZ culture

The Matariki coverage on TV this morning might just be the most important cultural moment in NZ history.

We rarely see the majesty of Māori culture so raw and dramatic.

The spiritual power of this poetry will touch us as a people in a way we’ve never experienced, this is a nation whose emotional range is stretched at the ANZAC Day Last Post.

To be exposed to Māori culture on mass media broadcasting like this, to have the drama played out against the stage of the dawn was a moment unlike any other and I believe will have a profound impact on New Zealand.

This celebration, part grief-part hope, this powerful theatre of primordial forces of nature speaks to a nation of lonely atheists desperate for meaning on these shaky Isles.

We didn’t realise how much we needed Matariki.

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