The Liberal Agenda – Chris Rock 0 Stars – Fuck Spark Arena!

I had waited and waited for Chis Rock to come to NZ.

He is one of the most important voices in comedy right now.

So I bought my ticket for $97.

I must admit I haven’t been to Spark Arena for decades and so I rolled up after DJing at Chapel to review the gig for TDB only to find myself waiting in the pouring rain for a full hour only to be told my ticket didn’t match.

In incandescent fury I left without seeing the gig.

I fucking hate Spark Arena with all my might!

Fuck  you Spark Arena.

Fuck you for getting me excited about Chris Rock and fuck you for wasting my $97.

Fuck you Spark Arena!

Fuck you a million times you fucking arseholes!

Honestly, trains to death camps are better organised than this!

Never go to a Spark event ever!

From here on in, Spark Arena is our top go to joke for pure incompetence for the rest of 2022!

Fuck you Spark Arena!

0 Stars



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