The Juxtaposition of Jacinda at Harvard with NZ child poverty

While I certainly believe that our Prime Minister has shone on the International Stage and has managed to use her remarkable emotional intelligence to read the room and bolster New Zealand’s reputation and global standing, there is a terrible juxtaposition of issues colliding at home with the image of her at Harvard

Only the most tribal right wing trolls would deny the Prime Minister has been an incredible cheerleader for NZ in her visit to America and that she has done more to generate good will from the US than the last 5 PMs put together.

Attacking Jacinda for promoting New Zealand suggests that you have a deranged view of the Prime Minister and need to seek help or a hug.

That’s not to say all criticism isn’t righteous because it is difficult to hear our PM sing praises that ring hollow at home.

Our child poverty is a disgrace…

Child poverty level worst in 18 years – KidsCan

“We’re seeing unprecedented levels of need,” said Chapman.

KidsCan was founded by Chapman in 2005, at the time providing services to over 40 schools that were struggling with children in poverty.

In 2022, it’s estimated they will assist 1000.

During his tour of the charity’s Auckland centre, Luxon asked Chapman if the levels of child poverty had changed in New Zealand during that 18-year period.

“To be frank,” Chapman responded, “poverty is the worst it’s [ever] been for families.”

…Labour simply don’t have the courage to do the things that will actually solve child poverty like universal free breakfasts and lunches at schools.

Labour fear a backlash if they made a significant move like feeding every kid in kindergarten, primary and college free breakfasts and lunches because mean spirited Kiwis will say, ‘that’s the parents responsibility’.

Difficult as it is to imagine, a large chunk of NZ would prefer to see children go hungry than ‘let the parent off the hook’.

That’s how petty and mean we are as a people.

We won’t lift welfare, won’t meaningfully build state houses, won’t meaningfully build affordable houses, won’t meaningfully feed kids, won’t meaningfully respond to poverty.

Jacinda showed real leadership with her gun buy back scheme and ban on these mass killing tools, if only she would show the same courage in tackling child poverty.

I’m proud of our Prime Minister on the road, I am disappointed by us at home.


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