The Infamous Daily Blog Political Awards 2021

And you thought Squid Games was a glaring critique of late stage capitalism in an age of pandemic shut in entertainment!

It had nothing on the grim reality we were turning to Netflix to avoid!

2021 was the year a self identifying bat won bird of the year!

Liz Gunn and a phalanx of Crystal Karen’s accused the Prime Minister of raping Gaia!

There were so many swastikas at protests.

Sooooooo many!

The Maori Party declared 2 types of genocide and no one pulled them up on such offensive rhetoric because you know, colonialism.

Global Warming continued and no bullshit conference changed that.

QAnon antiVaxxer lunatics accused Jacinda of socialism, then communism, then Apartheid and then Nazi Germany. I’m not sure what a Socialist, Communist, Apartheid, Nazi Government would look like or how it could maintain ideological harmony long enough to steal everyone’s liberty, but then again I don’t believe someone calling themselves ‘Q’ is secretly battling a satanic child molesting cabal via cryptic misspelled tweets on Twitter.

Judith scared the bejesus out of anyone to the left of Caligula.

Jacinda couldn’t believe the shit she got for saving everyone’s lives.

Death Cult Capitalists threw tantrums that Jacinda wasn’t prepared to let Kiwis die for the economy.

John Key said ‘Smug Hermit Kingdom’ and Mike Hosking orgasmed live on ZB.

It was the best of times and then we got locked down in de facto house arrest for 4 bloody months!

We cancelled movies we never saw.

Cancelled billboards we didn’t like.

Cancelled scientists for having debate.

It was a year of cancellation in a media landscape comprising a cacophony of wounds screaming for social media hierarchy.

The misogynists hated Jacinda and the woke hated everyone else.

Bishop Brian Tamaki called on everyone to donate to his media grandstanding and everyone hated him.

We had a run on hate in 2021.

The Wellington AntiVaxx protest brought together a plethora of suspicious paranoid fringes bound by a common ignorance and blatant disregard for reality. Their protest was the roar of the stunted and intellectually superstitious but what they lacked in basic general knowledge they made up for in malicious threatening hate.

The AntiVaxxers in 2021 managed to make the Trans vs Terf schism look polite and well reasoned.

Here are this years winners of the Infamous Daily Blog Political Awards 2021!

Best Party – ACT

They have shown all the discipline of US backed paramilitary police death squads from the South American 1970s!. Just enough pathological madness to shoot civilians without the nightmares!

Have voters really comprehended what their policy platform of cutting and freezing the minimum wage, interest back on all student loans, no kiwi saver subsidy, cancelling the winter energy payment, dumping all climate change legislation, no more best start payments for families with new borns, cutting welfare payments, no tax credits for research and development, cuts to working for families, $7billion a year cut from public services, abolishing the Maori Seats and abolishing the Human Rights Commission – have voters really appreciated the hard right romper stomper policies ACT want to enact?

Of course voters aren’t aware their favourite protest vote will ensure a race war if elected!

The fact ACT are on 17% is a dangerous indicator that radicalization is rife in NZ, they are the political equivalence of finding a P pipe in your child’s school bag.

Worst Party – Māori Party

The Maori Party have had the most skitzerphrenic year on record with their bizarre tactics and arguments.

Earlier this year they were actually arguing for the SIS to create a Stasi to hunt down white supremacy political enemies of the State DESPITE every single example around the world showing that when you give the Secret Intelligence Agencies Stasi powers to hunt down enemies of the State, they very quickly use those powers to hunt down citizens to protect the State!

They followed this up by describing Labour’s vaccination policy as a ‘modern Genocide’ on par with the murderous Squid Games! Anyone else offensively using these terms would be severely reprimanded by the media but because it’s the Maori Party, you know, colonization.

To date, 12 Maori have died. The Maori Party ‘genocide’ doesn’t even hit triple digits! 12 people dying is a bad weekend on the roads, it’s hardly a fucking genocide!

But you know, colonization and anyone daring to question that is a cross burning racist!

Best Politician – Kiri Allen

I have always been a fan of Kiri Allan, she was a legend before her cancer and she’s become more so during her treatment.

That she managed to lead on the tsunami warning day after being diagnosed is a testament to her strength, courage and grace.

She is a leader and an incredible human being.

Welcome back Kiri.


Worst politician – National MP Simeon Brown & Labour MP Liz Craig

Look, I don’t wish to be cruel to Simeon Brown, he is after all a human being with all the rights to be respected from being a member of our collective species b-u-t the fact he is such a dominant voice and is one of the most recognisable MPs inside National is in of itself evidence of how politically irrelevant National has become.

His basic bitch arguments abut gangs and limited intellect combine to highlight the total lack of quality candidates National are now left with.

The problem is that National’s candidate selection under Peter Goodfellow is a train wreck and they are left with baby faced invalids like Simeon Brown whose appeal outside of religious rest homes and people who think evolution is a socialist scam happens to be remarkably limited.

You look at a Party as a Government in waiting, any Government that would allow Simeon to be a Minister is not worth defending.

As for Liz Craig, the shit she tried to pull on the Health Select Committee as the Labour chair to squander MPs time to legitimately ask questions of health officials was so shoddy and so unacceptable Trevor Mallard gave Chris Bishop extra questions in Parliament! When you are making Bishop look good consider your life choices!


Biggest Political Cowards – The Liberal Muller Traitors

After the cowardice of the Liberals inside National led by Bishop & Willis to commit a coup against Simon Bridges for the embarrassing joke that was Todd Muller, you might think the Liberal faction inside National would apologize to Bridges and accept that their fear of getting kicked out of Parliament was part of the reason the Mad Queen Judith was put into power.

You would think, yet lo and behold Willis and Bishop joined forces with Judith’s spite stormtroopers to elect Luxon.

Willis and Bishop will play second fiddle to a Handmaid’s Tale level anti abortionist just to escape accountability for their ego ridden political self mutilation in supporting Muller!


Most powerful faction – Māori Labour Caucus

The very excellent Graham Adams at the Democracy Project fears the Māori Labour Caucus has too much power and is pushing pro-Māori agendas through that the majority of the electorate will balk at.

This is true in that the Māori Labour Caucus are the most powerful faction inside the Labour Party and they are ferociously good negotiators.

I believe however as we enter the second year of the second term that the Māori Caucus must step up to force Jacinda to live up to her promise of transformative politics.

The left love Michael Joseph Savage. Every Labour MP who wishes to push their left wing credentials have photos of him hanging in every electorate office and Minister’s room.

Savage is lauded as the creator of the welfare state in the wake of the Great Depression.

He was swamped when he went into public as NZers gushed over how he had saved them all.

The most hilarious truth, provided by insights from John A Lee who served in Savage’s Cabinet paints a very different picture from the mythology the left have given Savage .

The truth is that Savage was incredibly centrist and not a radical at all. Backed up by the neoliberal Walter Nash and conservative manipulator Peter Fraser, Savage did all he could to stop transformative change, it was actually Savage’s Caucus who forced his hand repeatedly to be transformative.

The exact same dynamics are at play inside Jacinda’s Labour Government.

When there is a crisis, the Prime Minister shines, but when it comes to domestic policy, she is super cautious to the point of being timid.

The reality is there won’t be transformative change unless the Caucus demands it.

Time for Māori Labour Caucus to fight for poverty, housing & climate change the way they’ve fought for 3 waters.

Facebook misinformation Award – The Winston accusation

Winston Peters back down on his allegation that Harry Tam travelled with a Covid positive sex worker is embarrassing for him and asks hard questions of why TV3 allowed this falsehood to be broadcast in the first place!

Isn’t it funny how the mainstream media in NZ scream about Covid disinformation and argue they are the honest brokers and then they spread Covid disinformation from Winston?

Remember, Winston not only alleged Harry Tam had journeyed with the COVID positive sex worker but that the Government knew and were attempting to cover it up!

This is Gerry Brownlee level conspiracy bullshit now and was used to reap political cheap shots during a national emergency. Winston burnt his bridges with Labour.



Make it all about me Millennial Award – Golriz Ghahraman

Like all Millennials, Golriz has a unique political skill to make every issue about her. Her column thanking NZ for getting the vaccination so that immunocompromised people like her can go about their lives was not only hilarious from the point of view of how she managed to make the entire vaccine roll out all about her, but also table banging hilarity that someone as widely disliked as her might actually be enough of a reason not to get vaccinated.

Oh it’s good to laugh isn’t it?


Worst Virtue Signal – Genter vs Luxon

After cycling to give birth to her child, Julie Anne Genter fashioned her umbilical cord to act as a giant rubber band so she could catapult home with breast feeding infant attached to limit her carbon footprint, but the true winner of worst virtue signal this year was Luxon hiring a black Mercedes to cross the road to Parliament as leader.

Nothing says ‘Fuck you peasant’ quite like a black Mercedes.


Dumbest Virtue Signal – Auckland Bike Bridge

You want the NZ Government to listen to you?

Get a bunch of white middle class cyclists to protest!

New $685 million cycling and walking bridge for Auckland’s Waitematā Harbour

A new bridge costing $685 million is to be built for walkers and cyclists crossing Auckland’s Waitematā Harbour.

The government hopes construction can begin mid-2022, in a plan unveiled just five days after cycling lobbyists broke through a police barrier and rode over the existing Harbour Bridge, demanding action.

Did anyone actually believe Labour would build this in 5 years? We all know they can’t build one house in a room full of lego! Clarke Gayford can move houses, but Labour can’t build ’em!

Think about the actual dynamics of this stupid bike bridge. Commuters on the Harbor Bridge for the next 5 years watching this billion dollar glorified cycle lane grow ever slowly while they are stuck in traffic.

People will start yelling at the bridge as they drive by it.

This cycle bridge was a performance art piece called ‘helping National win the next election’.

There’s this terrible truth that once you go middle class woke you start doing 5 things:

1 – You start loudly correcting Te Reo mispronunciation in public.
2 – You become humourless about your veganism.
3 – You pay a subscription to The Spinoff and Stuff.
4 – You buy Tim Minchin concert tickets.
5 – You become unbearably militant about your cycling.

Auckland City Councilor Efeso Collins had already questioned the way police allowed middle class militant cyclists over the bridge while working class South Aucklanders get a very different kind of policing. This free the bridge hashtag thing was and is middle class activism at its most eye rolling.

It’s like rioting for a greater range of trans friendly pre-school daycare centers.

This revolution comes with a variety of soft cheeses.

The weirdest thing about this billion dollar bike bridge is that even after winning it – the cyclists were still angry and militant on twitter!

Cyclists are like feminists, farmers, and Alison Mau, in that they are never happy.

They not only wanted the bridge they wanted to be told how brave and courageous they were for cycling as well.

It was like babysitting a needy rich kid.

That Labour finally shot this stupid idea down wasn’t surprising, that they tried it on in the first place was. Minister’s pro cycling wives shouldn’t be pimping policy.


Most vicious political character assassination 2021 – Judith Collins

Watching her manufacture a MeToo character assassination of Simon Bridges was the last gasp inducing horror of this fucking hideous human being!

The race baiting, the casual malice, the spite policy, the constant head banging, the appeal to our angriest natures – that was her political legacy! The once mighty defender of the kiwi battler crushed by an ego that was always a reflex punch. If Judith Collins had fought for New Zealand half as much as she fought for herself, this country would be a better place by her hand. She didn’t and it isn’t. They will need to bury her in 3 seperate coffins on hallowed ground at midnight to stop her coming back from the grave!


Politically Woke Award 2021 – Racist Shoes

There was a ‘news’ story about how the Maori Party accused the Speaker of the House of racism over a pair of shoes.

I’m not joking. Here’s the Spinoff story.

While the country grappled with the pandemic, easily triggered  Woke media screamed about racist shoes and the heteronormative white cis male patriarchy of…….shoes?

I died a little inside when I saw this was passing as journalism.

Most offensive political posturing 2021 – ‘separatism’ and ‘modern genocide’

The Maori Party attempting to manufacture a dozen Maori deaths into a genocide was astonishingly offensive but watching National attempt to frame co-governance as ‘separatism’ is easily the most disgraceful political posturing of 2021 especially as National invented the co-governance model!


Craziest AntiVaxxer moment 2021 – Wellington Protest 

90% of NZ has been vaccinated – these thousands of antivaxxer miscreants protesting Parliament with such underserved smug delusions don’t represent the vast majority of us – they are the political conclusion of poor public education and welfare services alongside algorithms of hate.

From what I can glean from the Wellington protest:
-Jacinda is Hitler
-3 waters is racist
-vaccines are Nazis
-Labour are Nazis
-Crystals can cure cancer
-Trump 2024
-something something ‘Nazi’
They wouldn’t know what to do with ‘freedom’ if they got it!

Actual Green Party Caucus meeting

Achieving sweet fuck all in 2021 – The Greens

If the Greens fell in a forest and no one bothered to turn up, did they ever exist at all? The Greens spent the year chasing low hanging identity politics fruit while desperately pretending The Glasgow climate change meaninglessness was some type of progress. They are that vegan app you downloaded in 2016 and never bothered to use. The wokelash that is fueling ACTs toxic rise in male voters 18-49 is thanks to woke green activists using social media to alienate as many people from our cause in as short a period of time as possible. That the Greens have been overtaken by ACT should be sending warning signals to the leadership. It is not. They are great at cancelling and useless at building.


Most jaw dropping political self mutilation 2021 – Climate Students

Ummmm I’m not sure how to tell you this but the Woke cancelled themselves this year!! School Strike 4 Climate Auckland Organization disbanded because it’s too racist???

I honestly thought this was a parody but it was true. School Strike 4 Climate Auckland disbanded because – wait for this – they were a racist organization???

The identity politics cult would eat their own young if they weren’t all vegan.

To disband a youth climate change organization because PoC suffer most from climate change ignores the fact that the planet will burn regardless of your fucking skin colour!!!

To whip themselves into such submission for an intersectionist cacophony of grievances competing for social hierarchy based upon woke dogma that all white people are intrinsically racist as a response to a burning planet is so intellectually bankrupt it’s terrifying.

Pure temple doctrine divides & alienates. Broadchurch universals build solidarity. This is self defeating identity politics madness.

Read it yourself, it’s just so unbelievable…

School Strike 4 Climate Auckland is disbanding as an organisation.
This is under the suggestion and guidance of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) members of our group, as well as individual BIPOC activists and organisations. We are not holding any more climate strikes in the Auckland region. Our members have also separated from the national SS4C team. Going forward, we will only be using our social media to uplift BIPOC-led climate justice spaces in Auckland.
BIPOC communities are disproportionately affected by climate change, so the fight for climate justice should be led by their voices and needs, not Pākehā ones.
We are disbanding because, since 2019, SS4C AKL (as well as the wider national group, though we can’t speak on their behalf) has been a racist, white-dominated space. SS4C AKL has avoided, ignored, and tokenised BIPOC voices and demands, especially those of Pasifika and Māori individuals in the climate activism space. As well as this, the responsibility and urgent need to decolonise the organisation has been put off for far too long. SS4C also delayed paying financial reparations for the work BIPOC groups/individuals within and alongside the group have done for this organisation in the past.
This is a non-exhaustive list.
We apologise for the hurt, burnout, and trauma caused to many BIPOC individuals, including current and past members, as well as BIPOC-led groups. We also apologise for the further trauma caused by our slow action to take responsibility. We recognise that this apology can never be enough to make up for our actions on top of years of systemic and systematic oppression, racism, and the silencing of those who are the most affected by climate change. This apology is just one of our steps in taking accountability for our actions.
Our disbandment is well overdue.
We acknowledge that our attitude has been racist and dismissive of the voices that have rightly spoken out against us and we apologise deeply for the pain we have caused. In saying this, we also need to acknowledge that racism is a big problem within the SS4C NZ team as well, but that we have made this decision independently from them.
We recommend you all redirect your support, resources and involvement to BIPOC activists, spaces and causes, especially those that are led by Pasifika and Māori people. This includes groups such as 4TK ( 4TK), Pacific Climate Warriors ( Pacific Climate Warriors – Auckland ), Para Kore Ki Tāmaki ( PARA KORE KI TĀMAKI), Protect Mataharehare ( Protect Mataharehare ), Protect Pūtiki ( Protect Pūtiki), Save Canal Road Native Trees ( Save Canal Road Native Trees ), Te Ara Whātu ( Te Ara Whatu).

If you are a BIPOC-led climate/social justice organisation or a BIPOC climate/social justice activist, please let us know if/how we can help by messaging our Instagram, Facebook, or emailing We will uplift your kaupapa and Mahi through this platform, or any other means available to us.
The climate justice space must be led by BIPOC groups and others who are disproportionately affected by climate change. In Aotearoa, this especially means Māori and Pasifika groups.
We fully discourage any future and current Pākehā-led groups from occupying the space we leave behind.

School Strike 4 Climate Auckland

I love that at the end they threaten any group from stepping into this space. They enjoy all the nuance of a Maoist purge.

This is woke kamikaze cancellation, as every bit ritualistic as a suicide bomber with both hoping for paradise after the sacrifice.

Twitter outrage is woke righteousness porn for the middle classes. A puritanical razoring where the self elected morality police publicly shame and cancel anyone for not using the language protocols of the conclave. That they are now detonating themselves for the cause seems a tad driven and wide eyed.

I haven’t seen wilful self mutilation like this since the 2021 National Party coup against Judith!

The climate crisis is the largest existential threat we face as a species – to divide and amputate protest against that for some middle class identity politics struggle session is so incredibly misguided.

The polluters who cause climate change must be laughing.


Best Communicator 2021 – Jacinda Ardern

She was able to look Auckland in the eye and tell them they were locked down in de facto house arrest for 4 months without flinching after telling us it would be a short sharp lockdown! That is dedication to message!


Andrew Little at 4.20pm

Worst Political Lie – Andrew Little & medicinal cannabis 

I love Andrew Little.

He is one of my favorite politicians.

I think he is ridiculously clever and I really enjoy talking to him whenever I get the opportunity.


His maddening position on cannabis is appalling.

Right after the referendum which showed almost a majority demanding cannabis law reform, Little killed off any cannabis reform and landed us instead with bullshit medicinal cannabis rules that only serve a billionaire while crushing the local medicinal cannabis industry.

Patients seeking medicinal cannabis now ARE WORSE OFF after Labour than before it!

Minister Little has the audacity to blame the industry which either suggests Andrew is either lying or grossly misinformed!

I am free anytime to explain to the Minister why he is wrong.

Labour have inadvertently set the medicinal cannabis industry up the way they have set the super market duopoly up. Labour have allowed the big pharma segment of the NZ market to write rules that exclude the smaller players which has led directly to the impasse we have now.

A framework that only the big pharma segment can pass through while fucking over medicinal cannabis patients as well as the wider industry.

Labour deserve nothing but contempt for their medicinal cannabis failure and if the Greens had any strategic brain they would make a legal market part of their agreement to form a government in 2023.


Best Cabinet Minister – Chris Hipkins 

His cheerfulness, his ability to communicate clearly while  fronting Covid against some angry Breakfast media interviews has made Chippie one of the best performing Ministers in the game. He’s one of the best things politically about 2021!


Morgan Godfrey tilted head holding glasses level political smugness Award – Neale Jones

It’s been a weird year for Dr Bryce Edwards.

I consider him to be one if the best public academic in politics, his laser like intelligence forces ideological debate in a country too dumb to have those discussions.

His Daily Politics and Democracy Project blogs provide more political insight and oversight than any other political scientist in the game so watching the Woke try and cancel him  because he mentioned Rachel Stewart is just another reminder of how far the Woke have infected political debate.

So his latest scorching Blog highlighting the Woke pimping for corporations is going to go down as well as Dr Ashly Bloomfield at an AntiVaxxer protest…

On Thursday it was announced that the recently departed Green Party Chief of Staff in Parliament, Tory Whanau, has become a lobbyist. She has joined the corporate lobbying group Capital Government Relations, which is headed up by chief lobbyist and political commentator Neale Jones. This latest shift from someone in a top Government role to corporate gun-for-hire indicates that the “revolving door” of vested interests keeps on spinning under the Labour-Green coalition.

The CEO of Capital Government Relations, Neale Jones, was once Chief of Staff for former Labour leader Andrew Little. He then worked as Chief of Staff under new leader Jacinda Ardern, but moved to become a lobbyist when she became PM. Jones continues to dine out on his status – his social media publicity photo is a selfie with Jacinda Ardern, and he makes mention of his connections to Ardern in his media commentary and pitches to corporate clients, to indicate his closeness to power and decision-makers.

Of course, this would be illegal in other countries. But New Zealand has barely any rules about lobbying, and absolutely no rules to stop the “revolving door” of Beehive staffers shifting into lucrative corporate jobs to leverage their political connections and information. The likes of Jones and Whanau move freely and frequently between jobs in the Beehive and roles in which they lobby their ex-colleagues on behalf of the wealthy.

…If Radio NZ banned Hooton for conflicts of interest why not Woke Wellington General Neale Jones?

Surprise surprise Woke Wellington General Neale Jones was on Spinoff arguing for his corporate masters and lo and behold it happens…

Leftwing commentator Chris Trotter has been very suspicious of the work that Capital Government Relations does on housing, noting that Neale Jones appears to be putting forward policies that would be beneficial to the big property developers – see his blog post, Democratic socialism from the ground up? Not in Neale’s backyard.

The arguments that Jones was making in his Spinoff article were later realised in the Labour-National agreement on intensifying housing development in the big cities – something that many residents and local authorities had concerns about, but housing developers would supremely profit from.

It can’t help but raise questions about what role lobbyists with corporate clients played in bringing about this bipartisan housing policy. The problem is, who would know? We will always have lobbying, but the key is that it should be transparent and there needs to be a lock put on the revolving door of government advisors and lobbyists. It is extraordinary and undemocratic and would simply not be tolerated in other countries.

…why are the NZ woke so quiet on this?

Was that an advert on Spinoff?

How is it that when it is one of their’s all that ‘conflict of interest stuff’ disappears?

When it was Hoots they screamed every week!

Where’s that @onThePaepae guy – isn’t he always going on and on about this?

The double standards applied by the woke when it’s their own are as hypocritical as Fox News!

Best Woke Lynch mob 2021 – Rachel Stewart

The Rachel Stewart fiasco is over and the Police groveled and apologised and returned her guns.

This fiasco occurred after woke activists manufactured a tweet by Rachel into a threat.

They used a low ranking cop who sympathized with them to pretend the threat was legitimate and a month after the tweet raided Rachel’s home and took her guns claiming her previous tweets made her a transphobic threat.

It’s nothing less than ‘swatting’ by the woke Left and it’s ugly.

The Police have now backed down.

This petty and nasty little example provides insight into how the woke intend to use the Hate Speech laws if Labour are insane enough to pass them.

The woke see the Hate Speech law as a weapon to smash the dirty transphobes, racists and sexists and as soon as it is passed, they will lodge hundreds upon hundreds of complaints of Hate Speech as a means to grudge settle a million different arguments.

Their daily to do list looks like this:

-self actualize while taking selfie for Instagram
-correct others on their te Reo pronunciation
-cycle to drop off recycling
-call police and report a misuse of pronouns as a hate crime
-get into Twitter argument about Meghan Markle living her best life, report to Police as hate crime and try to get the person sacked
-juice cleanse
-bake bread & be present with gratitude

This woke purge tsunami will terrify the middle who won’t understand why the fuck the Police are knocking on their door asking about what was in their heart when they wrote something mean on Facebook.


Best Politician – Hone Harawira

His grace, his humour and his leadership in keeping Northland safe with righteous border checkpoints is a reminder of what a great politician and true man of the people Hone always was and is. His ability to make Pākehā who self identify as European spit flecked in rage is a gift.


Best Local Politician – Efeso Collins

Auckland Councillor Efeso Collins is easily the most talented, most intelligent and most recognizable member of Auckland Council next to Goff, that Labour are looking to put a has been like David Shearer up for the Mayoralty is such a crime against meritocracy.

Shearer you will remember was appearing at the Town Hall meeting against mass surveillance laws while secretly meeting Key to try and find a way to pass the laws.

I trust David Shearer as far as I can throw him.

The greatest gift Goff could give Auckland when he leaves for America as our Ambassador (something that hadn’t been announced yet) is anointing Efeso as Auckland’s first Pacifica Mayor.


Best Political Panel – The Working Group, MagicTalk 7pm Fridays

If you didn’t think I’d pick my own panel show, this must be the first time you’ve ever visited this blog.

Best Political Podcast – The Working Group – the best weekly political podcast that isn’t funded by NZ on Air. 

Again. If you didn’t think I’d pick my own podcast, this really must be the first time you’ve ever visited this blog.

Worst Political Podcast – Gone by Lunchtime 

I’m listening to this so you don’t have to. It was a toss up between State funded social engineering propaganda on The Spin-off or State funded social engineering propaganda on Stuff where they have just launched a new podcast looking at the impact of the News on women.

I’m not joking, they really have.

So I went with the shorter of two evils and tuned into The Spin-offs in house production of their political podcast ‘Gone by Lunctime’.

It’s a community service Ben Thomas does to seek forgiveness from the woke for working with Matthew Hooton.

The first 10 minutes are taken up with them laughing about podcast awards and Annabelle talked on and on and on about a pigeon.

I’m not joking.

It turns to a discussion about Tuis.

Which becomes some extended metaphor about vaccinations.

Then they talk about the table they are sitting at.

Is this how they actually talk in real life?

A meandering inoffensive meaninglessness that slowly goes nowhere?

This is their political debate?

It has all the energy and dynamism of a vegan baby in a hot car.

Duncan Grieve makes a surprise entry to boast about how much money NZ on Air gave them and then extraordinarily begs listeners for MORE money!

‘MORE GRAVY’ cries Duncan while drowning in creamy public money,

The show goes back to its glacial tone and I struggle to find the a reason to keep breathing.

How is this boredom funded by NZ on Air?


Late Stage Capitalism in 3 shots

Biggest sacred cow slaughter – Globalisation

Why aren’t we talking about the benefits of keeping the borders closed?

  • No hyper tourism
  • Near full employment
  • Higher wages
  • Less migrant exploitation

Imagine how much worse the housing crisis would be with pre-Covid tourism?

If we accept that Covid will require annual injections, that mutations will continue to threaten and acknowledge our supply chains will be marred by lockdowns in poorer countries over time by the virus – then why are we hurrying to open the borders?

Add to this the increase in climate extremes that will drive migration, shouldn’t we be keeping the borders shut rather than open?

Many of the free market neoliberal cows are being slaughtered, why try and resurrect them?

For those claiming our Covid strategy isn’t working

Biggest policy win – 90% double vaxxed

We have just set the date when MIQ restrictions will lift and people stupid enough to travel during a pandemic and got locked out of the country ARE STILL COMPLAINING!

Hospitalization rates are low and mortality rates incredibly low, yet Maori academics are still claiming racism.

The reality is that this transition from Delta has been stressful  on everyone of us but the hatred spat at Jacinda and Labour for protecting us so successfully is heartbreaking!

We are hitting 90% double vaxxed, our sickness and death rates are minuscule compared to the rest of the planet and Labour’s navigation of this plague will see us celebrate Christmas with Whānau.

Lockdown hasn’t been easy but Labour’s leadership through this crisis despite the tsunami of criticism deserves your vote in 2023.

It really is as simple as that.

Biggest political disappointment – poverty, housing, climate change

Despite saving us from a deadly pandemic, Labour have done nothing on poverty, housing or the environment!

The crumbs Labour are embarrassingly offering up to beneficiaries don’t cover inflation. The billions Labour pumped into property speculators poachers caused another obscene spike in housing prices and the less said about Labour’s crisis climate response the better.

Labour have offered us NeoKindness that tilts its head, nods compassionately and then screws you over if you are poor!

Political winners 2021 – Mega Landlords

The rise of the Mega Landlords is upon us, property values went up in NZ by $800 billion in just 2 years and they now have political representation via Luxon. Their power is total and the middle classes worship their greed.

The question to ask Chris Luxon is how many houses would Jesus own?

Political losers 2021 – beneficiaries

Despite most Kiwis supporting larger welfare payments, we get pittance from Labour instead…

Greens, ACT both condemn $20 benefit increase – but for very different reasons

The Greens and ACT have both condemned the Government’s increase to welfare payments – but for very different reasons.

July 1 marks the day a raft of social development initiatives announced during Budget 2021 will come into effect, including a $20 increase to main benefits per week – a change that’ll impact hundreds of thousands of Kiwis on the dole.

This years benefit rise will take child poverty from 18.4% to 17%.

So sure, cheer about that 1.4% like it means something but don’t pretend it actually does.

I’m getting a tad sick to death of listening to Jacinda and other apologists from this Government tell us with straight faces that lifting 30 000 kids out of poverty is somehow a meaningful response to the poverty crisis.

It is not.

Look, even if, and I mean IF, they actually do lift 30 000 kids out of poverty (and I say IF because we saw how their promises of jobs from the Provincial Growth Fund were a jokeso even IF they lift 30 000 kids out of poverty, that still leaves a staggering 190,000 children in poverty!!!

You can’t boast about saving 30 000 kids while leaving 190 000 behind and still ask for a pat on the back!

This isn’t leadership, it’s capitulation.

If only we could put in as much effort  lifting children out of poverty as we do on middle class tax breaks for electric cars, a billion dollar bike lane and hate speech legislation.

We hate beneficiaries so much that a crumb is sold as a mountain.


The Infamous Daily Blog Media Awards 2021 will be posted later this week.


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