The ‘Hootonian Equation’ vs actual Omicron Outbreak of 810

For those keeping tabs at home, the Hootonian Equation of 33% Omicron outbreak modelling is currently ahead of where we actually are…

…his modelling suggests 2 661 infections by February 13th, when we are at 810, but he’s only 4 days behind!

That makes his modelling some of the closest around.

Let that sink in.

A right wing PR Spin Dr has a better modelling system than public health officials who are paid to model these virus.

I know, I’m as shocked as you are.

That’s not to say the modelling is wrong or has been over blown, by Hooton’s own numbers we could be looking at hundreds of thousands of cases by the end of February.

I think we haven’t even begun this current terrible Omicron Tsunami and that the numbers  of sick and dead will scare the country.

Brace for impact.

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