The hilarious irony why NZ Police might be pepper spraying children

More than 480 children and young people pepper sprayed by police

Children as young as 10 and 12 are being pepper sprayed by the New Zealand Police.

Figures obtained by Stuff reveal more than 480 tamariki and rangatahi, 17 years old and under, were sprayed between 2017 and 2021.

Māori made up the bulk of those being sprayed at 68%, followed by Pākehā at 16.8%.

Here is the hilariously irony as to why I think the NZ cops are now so trigger happy with pepper spray that they are using it on children.

Before 2000, Police were built like brick shit houses.

There were physical minimums to being a cop, you had to be physically big to become a cop. A large physical size gave them a confidence when dealing with people and it made punters think twice before trying it on.

The physical requirements however made it difficult to recruit women and minorities into the police force so these physical size requirements were removed in favour of basic fitness levels in the early 2000s.

My theory is that the removal of those size thresholds has seen a wave of physically  smaller cops who are far less confident in dealing with situations and face far less respect from punters they are dealing with.

This in turn has seen these smaller weaker cops reach for pepper spray far more often to compensate for their lack of physical presence.

Read this…

“So the officer who used the pepper spray had no idea that the person was 10, they were as big, if not bigger than the officer themselves, and they were spitting in his face at the time when he made the decision to use pepper spray.”

…with all due respect, a 10 year old child as large as the cop isn’t the kids fault, it’s the Police force for allowing someone so small to be a cop in the first place!

Ironically the policy to lower the physical requirements to be a Police Officer so as to recruit a smaller weaker and more diverse Police have resulted in physically insecure cops who pepper spray Māori kids.

Go woke, go broke.

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