The embarrassing weakness of the Greens and their public transport policy

Nothing helps explain the feckless weakness and intellectual cowardice of the Greens more than their sudden u-turn on public transport.

So over run by woke identity politics, the previous Green Party position on Public transport was an identity politics bingo card of the oppressed…

Free public transport for students and under-19s

The Green Party today announced a game-changing plan for public transport in New Zealand, with free fares on buses, trains and commuter ferries for all young people around the country, as well as a commitment to fund and build a congestion-free network in Auckland.

The Green Card will provide universal, 24/7, free public transport for everyone under the age of 19, and free off-peak public transport for tertiary students at university, polytechnic, wānanga, private training establishments, and people training through apprenticeships. All people with a disability on the supported living benefit will also be eligible for free public transport.

…instead of proudly proclaiming free public transport as the actual policy, the Greens limited themselves and the actual effectiveness of public transport by limiting free public transport to their favourite list of the oppressed.

Rather than actually having the intellectual spine to make the argument that universal provision of well funded public services is a crucial means to combat climate change AND inequality by including ALL the poor people and ALL those who want to make a change, the Greens limited themselves to just their list of woke virtue signals.

NOW they see that the desperate need for public transport has changed not because of middle class green political aesthetics but driven by the naked brutality of free market capitalism.

The Greens can’t even get it right when they are right.

This lack of vision on the Left to appeal to the Broadchurch tent rather than the tiny pure temple is humiliatingly basic. It shows they don’t have the intellectual muscle to make the argument for universal services and defend it.

This sudden realisation by Labour, the Greens and the Maori Party that they have to actually impact the material well being of people as opposed to pronoun semantics, militant cycling and aggressive te Reo pronunciation would be funny if we didn’t have 25 000 on emergency housing wait lists, 50 000 homes living in poverty, 200000 kids in poverty and entire generations locked out of home ownership.


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