The double standard of Sean Plunket vs Professor Joanne Kidman

Mungo no understand.

Is it just me or is there a terrifying double standard at play here when comparing Sean Plunket and Professor Joanne Kidman?

Plunket was forced to resign from the BSA for a tweet the woke decried as hate speech yet Professor Joanne Kidman has been appointed to a far more important position as head witch hunter at the Academy of Extremism which will advise the Government and Security apparatus as to who should be targeted by the great lidless eye of Mordor.

We’ve seen via Professor Joanne Kidman’s own twitter feed the very brittle definitions of what she considers hate speech, she infamously attempted to cancel Trelise Cooper for a ‘hate dress’ and she was vocal in the denigration of the Listener 7 who penned a letter arguing Māori science wasn’t on par with peer reviewed science.

It seems extremism is ok, if you are a woke extremist.

We see this dynamic at TVNZ last week when they went to Emilie Rakete from People Against Prisons Aotearoa for comment when Emilie Rakete has a long history of extremist activism.

Listen to Emilie Rakete on their own podcast if you doubt me…

…that is some jaw dropping extremist hate towards the rainbow community, yet TVNZ still go to them for comment because when it’s woke extremism, the identity politics elites in those news rooms have no problem platforming them, but the second the woke mob turn against you, it’s cancellation city.

Having someone as extreme as Professor Joanne Kidman advising the Government and SIS on who to go after is like the Spanish Inquisition on meth.

The message is clear, woke extremism is fine in the mainstream media, everyone else is a terrorist.

Glad we cleared that up.

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