The Countries with the Most Liberal Gambling Laws

Many people enjoy a spot of gambling from time to time. Whether they gamble online or in a casino, it can be a lot of fun. But did you know that gambling isn’t legal in some countries? While in other countries, gambling is legal and you can gamble until your heart’s content. 

So which countries have the most liberal gambling laws, and how can they affect your time there? Find out below.     



When it comes to placing bets online, Australian criminal codes don’t exist. So if you’re a resident of Australia, you can expect to find many online gambling sites. However, operators need to fulfill a very long set of requirements before they can operate in Australia, but once they have, they can expect many willing participants. 

If you ever take a trip to Australia, you’ll no doubt find that there are plenty of opportunities to gamble. And if you take the risk, maybe you’ll win the jackpot!



When it comes to online gambling, Curacao is well-known for regulating many gambling websites. In fact, the country is home to one of the oldest license providers and gambling regulators. 

Many operators started their gambling businesses in Curacao thanks to quick licensing procedures and      low fees. Operators love being in this country because they can take part in whatever form of gambling they wish. But that’s not all this country provides. 

Incredibly, Curacao also gives online gambling sites technical and financial support. This ultimately means that if someone wishes to set up a gambling site, they could get the help and finances to do just that. It’s no wonder, then, that Curacao is one of the best places to place a bet. 



Both offline and online gambling in Finland is state-controlled. Four different authoritative bodies regulate gambling and the Finnish government has some very rigid gambling rules.

The Finnish authorities do not allow their citizens to gamble on sites outside of the country. However, this is not regulated very well. Citizens can still gain access to foreign gambling sites with little to no fear of punishment. In addition, unlicensed gambling operators are unlikely to be prosecuted. In other words, gambling is rife in Finland.  

Take a trip to Finland and you’ll no doubt find many gambling sites just waiting for you to try your luck     . 



Almost all types of gambling have been regulated in France, making it a popular past-time in the country.      However, it can be hard for operators to stay in business due to the strict regulations and high taxes. Anyone in France who chooses to gamble can take their pick between licensed and unlicensed operators.


The Isle of Man 

Located between the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man has one of the most trusted gambling licensing authorities in the world. While it’s considered one of the safest places to gamble online, operators can find it hard to get a gambling license thanks to strict rules. However, many world-renowned      gambling sites have gained a reputed Isle of Man license.     

If you’re looking to enjoy safe online gambling, the Isle of Man is the place to be.  


The UK 

Online gambling became legal in the UK in 2005. As long as you’re 18 years of age, and you have access to the internet, you can gamble online. Foreign gambling sites can advertise in the United Kingdom, but only if they meet the stringent rules set out by the Gambling Commission. In the UK, you will find that there are many different types of games for you to enjoy. 



Malta was one of the first countries in Europe to regulate online gambling with citizens enjoying the thrilling hobby since 2004. The licensing procedure in Malta is considered to be very easy and the taxes are quite low. These favourable conditions are why many people and operators are attracted to this Mediterranean country.

Many online casinos, poker rooms, and betting offices have one of Malta’s gambling licenses. However, don’t let the licensing ease fool you, Malta is known as being a safe place for online gambling.          

While many countries around the world are ready to help you enjoy gambling, the ones on this list are your best bet. If you find yourself in one of these countries, you’ll find more betting options than you will anywhere else.


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