The coming Economic Apocalypse – $5 petrol, $10 bread & 10%+ inflation

As I’ve been banging on since last year, inflation will be double digits plus by December.

My argument was based on the impact China’s zero tolerance to Covid was happening on supply chains.

Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine have rocketed those inflationary prices skywards.

We don’t appreciate that Putin is in this for the long run and will take an enormous amount of economic damage to truly mutilate the global economy.

Putin’s desire to cause a war crime is to terrify NATO into submission and the impact on oil, wheat and many metals are a harbinger of the chaos Putin wants.

Expect $5 a litre petrol, $10 loafs of bread and double digit inflation.

It’s all the black swans of the economy coming home to roost all at once.

Tourism for all but the very rich will be gutted.

Watch for food riots in the Middle East, violence in Bosnia-Hercegovina and Iranian/Israel conflict.

The new normal is constant external shocks.

Fortress Aotearoa is an inevitability in such a world.

Unfortunately for the Left, woke virtue signals won’t fix this.

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