The cancellation of Guy Williams for ‘platforming’ Leo will probably win Leo the election

Auckland mayoralty: Comedian Guy Williams says Leo Molloy’s response on his satirical show was ‘very angry’

Comedian Guy Williams says his now infamous interview with mayoral candidate Leo Molloy was funny, bizarre and the restaurateur’s response was “very angry”.

The host of the satirical programme New Zealand Today said he copped criticism for platforming Molloy, who, in a expletive-ridden interview, hit out at people he deemed “woke” and claimed Auckland had been hampered by a succession of “soft….” mayors.

Speaking on TV3’s The Project current affairs show last night, Williams said his show is about doing weird stories around New Zealand and it was his decision to interview Molloy.

The interview created a bit of a storm on social media with people calling out Williams for giving Molloy a 15-minute platform at the expense of other candidates.

How badly can the woke fuck this up?

Guy Williams is under vicious attack by the woke left for ‘platforming’ Leo Molloy.

You can be ‘cancelled’ for giving a thought criminal ‘platform’ now in NZ.

I remember telling these same free speech stranglers that their middle class activism aesthetic was too dour and puritan for most and that attempting to kill off free speech would take ACT from 1% to 10%.

The middle class woke activists didn’t listen to me then and ACT are now 10%.

There is a reactionary angry electorate who see our ‘progress’ as gridlock.

They see the never ending infrastructure problems, the crime, the deterioration of their own living standards and the response from the Left to that legitimate frustration is cancellation and screaming they are racist, sexist and transphobic.

In such a culturally reactionary space, Leo’s denouncement of comedian Guy Williams is a breath of fresh air. The Left should have ignored the interview and brought focus back to the issues, but the activist Woke Left’s need to cancel and deplatform is so engrained they can’t help themselves.

Shaming Guy Williams for ‘platforming’ is just so fucking stupid by the activist Left because the last thing we want to fight this Mayoral campaign on is a fucking culture war – BECAUSE WE ON THE LEFT WILL LOSE THAT!

I don’t think the activist Spinoff middle class left understand how alienating their woke virtue signals are and if they keep attempting to cancel Guy, they will simply hand ammunition over to those reactionary forces.

I’ve seen nuclear meltdowns with less self harming mutilation!

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