The beauty and joy and purity of being that is being Christopher Luxon

If the next 6 months are economically harsher, beyond a Tax cut agenda he can’t articulate, will Chris Luxon shine as brightly as Guyon Espiner’s weirdly flirty column in RNZ suggests?

I’m loving the rapture of Christopher Luxon, it’s crypto eyes full of orange fire stuff right now as he breathlessly tells everyone who will listen that he won’t cut benefits and won’t sell assets!


Here’s why Christopher’s promises are so empty.

He can hand on heart tell God that he meant every promise, but in order to be the Government he has to cut a deal with ACT and David Seymour is in this to win this.

People don’t appreciate nor understand how romper stomper ACTs position is comparative to National and people forget Seymour TURNED DOWN a Ministerial position to ensure the Euthanasia Bill got through.

Politicians NEVER turn down power.

He did.

Dave’s not for turning folks.

So Christopher can make as many promises as he likes to you, the one thing Guyon’s glistening review revealed is that Luxon is strategic enough as a boofhead to ensure management of talent while understanding the market. He knows he can safely promise the world and that all changes the second he needs ACT agreement.

He understands the process enough to know he can make these promises and they can all change in the blink of an eye.

He’s slick, and talented at ordering subordinates in a way that is corporate woke minus the class ideology.

The boil down is that the latest ROY MORGAN Poll points out what we’ve been saying for some time, an ACT-National Government would be very hard right no matter what Christopher is saying right now.

Add in the real possibility of Winston hitting the 5% threshold and the enormity of how far Right the country would need to lurch to appease David Seymour’s philosophical obligation to mutilate the State will spook voters towards Winston and draw back Labour Left from Greens.

A Parliament post 2023 with ACT, National, NZF, Labour, Greens and Māori Party will reflect the splintering of the political spectrum. Expect a lot of wasted sub 5% threshold vote this election as the extremism of the increasing fringes builds political resentment.

This doesn’t end well.

The centre Christopher is promising won’t exist by the end of next year when people are voting.

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