The Amber Heard result is a bad day for Woke Dogma

Since 2016s #MeToo moment, a coalition of 5th wave feminists, non gender binary activists, Critical Race Theorists and Critical Gender Theorists have manufactured a faith based woke dogma, the holy trinity of which is:

1 – All white people are irredeemable cross burning racists.

2 – All men are rapists.

3 – Everyone defending free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi who hates the Trans Community.

Woven into this woke Identity Politics Holy Trinity, is the ‘BELIEVE ALL WOMEN’ mantra, because intersectionism decrees all men are part of a power dynamic which means they can never be victims and because women are morally superior to toxic masculinity males, they would NEVER lie about that abuse.


Never ever!

No embellishment! No half-truths! No mistruths! No lying!


But because men are all part of the patriarchy, they will always lie.

One of the reason’s why the Heard/Depp case has been so explosive and followed by so many is because it’s a backlash to the extremes of the #MeToo movement.

Heard epitomised the #MeToo movement, after promising the ACLU $3.5m to be their new ambassador, the ACLU pitched the op-ed to The Post and ghostwrote it for her while she made herself the face for domestic violence while destroying Depp’s reputation.

Planning to have all this come out to time with her movie seems a commodification too far.

Heard was the girl who cried wolf when girls crying wolf was culturally rewarded amongst the woke middle class on Twitter.

An example of how out of touch the mainstream media woke gatekeepers and the public are on this issue is in the social media stats.

The TikTok hashtag #IStandWithAmberHeard has amassed more than 8 million views, #JusticeForJohnnyDepp is at 15 billion views.

The woke gatekeepers in the media are now running around trying to make this loss by Heard about everything EXCEPT the woke’s dogma.

This verdict is a reaction to Woke Dogma that argues because you are a woman, you never lie.

Will this be a moment of pause and reflection by the woke regarding their alienating dogma?

Fuck no! As the Santamaria case shows us, the Lynch mob is just getting started!

The woke war grinds on and the woke Dogma will become more fanatical.

For every Amber Heard who is dramatically catastrophising every micro aggression as emotional genocide there are a 1000 actual victims of domestic violence suffering in pain.

This case can not and must not be allowed to eclipse the true scourge that is real domestic violence.

Meanwhile the planet is burning and and economic collapse is looming.


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