The 2degrees 5G Network in New Zealand: Everything You Need to Know

Meta Description: 5G networks have become as popular as they are necessary with users worldwide. Learn more about 2degrees’ recent launch right here.

In welcome news, 2degrees recently announced the launch of its 5G network for customers based in Auckland and Wellington CBDs as well as selected areas of Christchurch. This announcement was made following a series of tests and optimisation demonstrations that took place over the last year.  As the year 2022 progresses, 2degrees will continue to build their 5G network in a contiguous manner, thereby extending this service to more and more suburbs of these three cities on a weekly basis. 

Granted, while it’s been around for a couple of years, 5G is certainly the latest when it comes to mobile network technology. Owing to its high-frequency radio waves to transfer data with lower latency and higher bandwidth than its predecessor, the 4G network, it’s certainly a wanted advancement consumer not only want but need. Indeed, the demand for mobile data has grown exponentially in the last few years, and it is this very demand for accessing the internet through mobile data that has been the driving force to make 5G happen. So whether it’s playing popular games at the best online casinos, or any business endeavors, 5G services have not only become popular with users but a necessity worldwide.

This announcement proves to be very exciting for customers, who are understandably keen to get in on the action. So to make life easier, here is everything you need to know about this exciting new development. 


Perfect Timing

The deployment of a 5G network by 2degrees has come at the perfect time when customers across New Zealand are poised and ready to harness the power of 5G. 

Customers looking to improve their systems and processes in business thereby requiring greater as well as individual customers looking to benefit from faster download speeds, the launch of the 5G network looks likely to please consumers across the board. 

Increasing Opportunities for New Zealand 

In a recent interview with the Chief Technology Officer of 2degrees, Martin Sharrock emphasized his company’s longstanding commitment to ensuring that New Zealanders have the high-quality data network technology they deserve. He is quoted as saying: 

“At 2degrees we are Fighting for Fair to make New Zealand a better place to live, and our focus has always been on ensuring Kiwis have choice by delivering high quality, award-winning products and services,” 

Investing In New Zealand’s Future Economic Development 

Sharrock went on to elaborate on the investment made into the network and the widespread impact the company was hoping to have with the rollout of the 5G data network in the longer term: 

“… we’ve spent in excess of $1b on our network, including our ongoing plan to replace every single site in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch with brand-new, cutting-edge equipment from Ericsson. We are designing and building a world-class 5G network for the future, but also enhancing our 4G network alongside it.”

The introduction of a 2degrees 5G network with its improved connection speeds and lower latency solutions will be hugely beneficial for businesses. Sharrock emphasized how the new network would be better able to meet the technological demands of modern businesses and how this investment would prove fruitful in each business’s future success which would, in turn, have positive repercussions for the whole of New Zealand’s economic development. 

Flexibility and The Scope For Expansion 

In his interview, Sharrock also stated that from 2degrees perspective flexibility and adaptability would play a central role in the wider rollout of the 5G network, in terms of offering a growing range of services and further options for growth. He said

“The innovative equipment and software we are using will allow us to flexibly change how the network uses 4G and 5G technology together over time. As 5G devices and services mature we can tune the network to how Kiwis want to use it.”

With regard to the further expansion of the network, Sharrock said: 

“We’ve followed our own unique strategy when designing and building the 2degrees 5G network. We want to make sure 5G is available where it is needed most, and we are working to cover whole cities for a contiguous experience.”

Accessing The 2degrees 5G Network 

Of course, this also sounds well and good, but with everyone eager to tap into the network, there are key questions being raised about how to access the network. 

First and foremost, anyone wanting to access will need to be based in a 2degrees 5G coverage area. Next up, customers will need to have a device that has 5G capabilities with software updated to enable access to 2degrees 5G network. 

Thus far, network performance has been tested on numerous Samsung, Oppo and Apple mobile devices, with some Samsung and Oppo devices already 5G enabled for the launch itself. 

Moreover, customers will also have the option of purchasing a wireless plug-and-play 5G home broadband modem, available in conjunction with the wider rollout and device enablement scheme for Samsung, Oppo and Apple devices.

So, exciting times lie ahead for New Zealanders who look to benefit from the rollout of this 5G network.