The 2 real question 3 Waters must answer

Our water systems are a joke!

Farmers have stolen it and polluted it for so long they believe they have a right to.

Maori have been impoverished for so long they jump at anyone with a few flash bucks to give them access to water.

City Council’s have kicked the can so far down the track in terms of upgrading their water issues that we have run out of track.

So I endorse the State just moving in and taking the entire country’s water systems under its control because the mix of incompetence and corruption is intolerable for such an important resource.

The problem however is that the 3 Waters proposal can’t answer the most important question which is will it, once implemented, be able to stop water being taken by foreign companies!

A challenge to a Chinese water bottling giant’s plans to produce and fill a billion bottles of water from a Whakatāne aquifer each year has made it to the country’s second-highest court, as a local iwi continues its quest to have the plans scrapped.

What is the use of water reform if it can’t guarantee in a dangerously warming planet where fresh water will become scarce that overseas interests can’t simply steal our water like they do now?

Once a country becomes dependent on us for fresh water, do you think they will allow us to stop them taking it?

I’m all fine for taking water assets and running them by the State, but are they protecting our water for us or foreign interests?

We need to halt all foreign taking of water in NZ. The planet is burning, we have the water, let’s keep it for us!

The suggested solutions to keeping National and ACT from privatising the water once Government takes it is that they will need a 75% super majority…

Working group finds Three Waters proposal needs significant changes

The Three Waters working group is recommending significant changes to the Government’s water reforms following strident opposition to the proposals.

…these are excellent proposals and I think ultimately strengthen the call for real change.

To date 3 Waters has been sold by critics as ‘stealing da water for Maaaaaaaaaaaaori’, when it’s nothing of the sort!

I like the need for ACT and National to have a super majority before they could attempt to privatise the water, but the simple truth is that ACT and National ARE SO RIGHT WING they just could never be trusted to not privatise the water.

Better that we never elect National and ACT to any position of power where. they could privatise water.

If Labour fight water reforms from a position of stopping foreign interests from taking our water and stopping privatisation, they will have a political winner for the 2023 election.

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