Thank God Ukrainian invasion is hiding Kāinga Ora housing obscenity

Thank the little baby Jesus that Putin’s vile invasion of the Ukraine is managing to suck all the news oxygen out of the room or else this Kāinga Ora housing obscenity would still be leading the news headlines…

Revealed: Kāinga Ora spent over $24m of taxpayer money in four years on its own office renovations

Kāinga Ora’s spent $24,354,759 of taxpayer money over the past four years on itself on office renovation.

The biggest spend ups were in the last financial year:

    • $230,661 went on signs
    • $829,797 on a complete fit-out and renovation in Christchurch
    • $5.5 million for a complete fit-out of the Newmarket offices
    • $12 million on a total renovation of its Wellington headquarters.

…it’s just so outrageous!

There are 25 000 New Zealander’s waiting on emergency housing wait lists, we are spending $1million a day on housing the homeless in motels and boarding houses, 80% of State Houses don’t even meet the Government’s own healthy home standards, entire generations are being locked out of home ownership and rents are soaring yet Kāinga Ora have over $24million to spruce up their own glass palaces?!?!

There’s arrogant, and then there’s Wellington Bureaucracy arrogant!

When Kāinga Ora is failing on almost every single indicator, $24million to move their drinks cabinet 5 inches closer to Parliament seems a tad on the nose!



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