Team NZ are disloyal corporate scumbags – screw them & their Billionaire’s boat race

After whipping up Kiwi’s nationalism, after devouring hundreds of millions in public dollars, after using that nationalism to gain those hundred of millions in public dollars, Team NZ reminded us this week that they were always going to dump us the second a better deal came around.

And they did…

America’s Cup: It’s Barcelona! Team New Zealand reveal new venue, dates for 2024 America’s Cup

Barcelona has officially been confirmed as the next venue of the America’s Cup, replacing Auckland of hosting duties for the 2024 event.

Emirates Team New Zealand and the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron made the announcement overnight, confirming the 37th running of the event to be held in September and October of 2024.

Team New Zealand successfully defended the Auld Mug last year with a 7-3 victory over Luna Rossa and then rejected a $99 million bid from the New Zealand Government and Auckland Council to host the next America’s Cup, meaning the event looked likely to be hosted abroad.

…like every NZ social climber with a dream to run away from the Kiwi accent that loves them so fiercely, Team NZ have done what every middle class kid does, dump their Kiwi boyfriend/girlfriend right after they’ve supported them through Uni and are out using Tinder by the time they land at the airport as part of their OE.

Team NZ were always going to dump us after they had used us to create their dream which they sold to us as our dream.

That bitterness at being manipulated and used will fade away when in 10 years there’s another bullshit attempt by the same people to con you into supporting their attempt to win the America’s Cup and bring it home to Auckland.

Team NZ are disloyal corporate scumbags – screw them & their Billionaire’s boat race!

Don’t get conned again.

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