Surely the Prime Minister was misquoted…

Surely the Prime Minister was misquoted on the front page of the Weekend Press when she was reported talking about the Russian invasion of Ukraine “This will be the closest thing to war that my generation and many generations will have seen”

The Prime Minister has lived through numerous wars such as the US-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, attacks on Syria, Lebanon, Libya and Gaza etc. Even in the few days as Russia began its invasion of Ukraine the US launched missile strikes on Somalia, Israel launched a missile strike on Syria and Saudi Arabia launched 37 missile strikes on Yemen.

In the Prime Minister’s mind could it be that war waged by the US and its allies isn’t war but that waged by enemies of the US is? Or is the crucial difference for her the ethnicity of the victims?

“If so then the PM is in good company with western leaders and media outlets across the globe. This report from Al Jazeera is essential reading.”


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