Supermarket Duopoly so frightened of regulation they conjure up Auckland Volcanos

How frightened is the greedy Supermarket Duopoly that regulated capitalism is going to be forced upon them?

This frightened…

Auckland’s volcanoes among reasons not to mess with supermarkets, says Countdown

The risk of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions interfering with food supplies should make the Commerce Commission think twice about splitting up the country’s major supermarket chains, Countdown says.

The competition watchdog will decide by early March whether to recommend the Government helps make way for a third supermarket group by requiring Countdown and Foodstuffs to sell some of their stores and split their distribution and retail operations.

In its final submission on the commission’s market study into the $22 billion groceries industry, made public just before Christmas, Countdown said it was “deeply concerned” about what it described as some of the more interventionist options canvassed by the regulator.

…the greedy supermarket duopoly is so frightened that actual moderated, regulated capitalism is coming that they have had to try and evoke an Auckland volcanic eruption to hold onto their market dominance!

This year inflation will cripple the poor, Jacinda can’t merely pull a concerned face, turn her head and nod empathetically as inflation guts the poor!

Poor Kiwis who were promised transformation in 2017 and got a clawed back welfare payment of less than $5  a eeek deserve more!

The Government stepping in and regulating capitalism properly to end monopolies and duopolies at a time when inflated food prices are crippling is the right move.

Kiwibank changed the banking environment for the better, the Government supermarket could do the same!

With State and Iwi backing we could get a Supermarket chain that pays workers the living wage, pays producers a fair price for their product AND provide lower prices for consumers.

Fuck the Australians, fuck the greedy kiwi Bosses and fuck their imaginary Auckland Volcanoes – National lets the dogs of free market capitalism off the leash while Labour puts them back on the leash!

This is what regulated capitalism looks like!

With food prices inflating dangerously, people need more than just the ability to endure, they need hope and the hope that a 3rd party stepping into supermarkets to provide lower prices is the holy grail of hope.

Labour need to step up now.

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