Stop Wheelchair Bound Narinderjit Singh’s Deportation – Migrant Workers Association NZ

Join Green MP Ricardo Menéndez March, the Migrant Workers’ Association, and the Supreme Sikh Society for a candlelight vigil in solidarity with Narinderjit Singh and his family this Saturday!

Ricardo will also be receiving the submission of Sona Kaur calling on the Minister of Immigration to stop Narinderjit Singh from being deported.

Deporting a disabled, wheelchair bound migrant for one-off damage to a car, after what Narinderjit described as a neighbour’s constant taunting about his disabilities and cultural heritage, is simply wrong. This is not what we expect from a country that is meant to be kind and compassionate.

Let’s show the Minister of Immigration Narinderjit and his family are supported and are welcomed in Aotearoa!

Ps – you can also sign the petition to stop Narinderjit Singh from being deported by clicking this link

Link for the FaceBook event

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