Sooooo more mental illness than white supremacy crackers? How will NZ msm cope without woke narrative?

The Māori Party this year cited the need for a stasi to hunt down political enemies because 2 racist YouTube clips made them angry and fearful.

These videos were exposed by woke Twitter activists who cried out a double standard over Police arresting those who threatened Simeon Brown and the slow arrest of a man who threatened the Maori Party.

Turns out the arrested man had mental health issues.

The second video saw the man who made political threats against Maori lose his job, which I would have thought was a sure fire way of pushing a person into radicalized racial terrorism.

In the easily triggered world of woke intersectionist grief hierarchy, both videos are hate speech and deserving of cancellation, harassment and prosecution. In the world of actual intelligence analysis these two videos would barely cause a ripple because they wouldn’t have been deemed credible as threats.

A mentally ill loudmouth and bitter truck driving Pom are the least of our terrorism worries.

My assertion that this is mental illness and not a giant white supremacy cracker hunt has been back up by research…

People ‘fixated’ on politicians often have serious and untreated ‘psychotic illness’, report says

More than half of the people analysed by a new centre assessing people “fixated” on politicians had a serious psychotic illness – but most were not in treatment.

The report comes just months after British MP Sir David Amess was stabbed to death while meeting with constituents.

The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) New Zealand is a new partnership between the Police, Parliament, and the Ministry of Health which takes in referrals of concerning behaviour from people fixated on politicians or other public figures or causes – and then intervenes.

Its first annual review found that in the year to July 1, 2020, 44 of the 87 people referred to it had a “serious psychotic illness”.

…how will NZ mainstream media cope without the woke narrative that white supremacists are taking over?

We have a mental health issue in this country, we don’t need a Police State to hunt down white supremacists who barely exist!

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