So just to be clear, we are now at War in the Ukraine to prolong American Military Industrial Complex profit margins?

Ummmmmm, are we at war with Russia via the Ukraine?

Shouldn’t we think about this first…

Russia-Ukraine war: NZ entered war without public consultation – former Labour politician

A former senior Labour Party member says New Zealand has effectively gone to war without consulting the public by joining Nato’s efforts to defeat Russia’s military objectives in Ukraine.

Mike Smith, who served as general-secretary of the party from 2001-2009, told RNZ the government was helping to put back a negotiated peace settlement indefinitely by sending Defence Force personnel and resources to Europe as confrontation between Russia and the Western military alliance continues to escalate.

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February (local time) claiming its “special military operation” would remove anti-Russian neo-Nazi elements entrenched in Kyiv’s institutions of state and protect Russian-speaking populations in the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk after eight years of civil war. It wants a security guarantee its neighbour won’t join Nato, which it views as a hostile threat to its borders.

Smith fears New Zealand could now find itself “on the wrong side of history” by helping prolong a conflict in the interests of waning US hegemony while risking its own interests in the Asia-Pacific region, and increasing the risks of a nuclear war.

New Zealand is also inadvertently helping to arm neo-Nazi militias and far-right groups in Ukraine with modern weapons, which could be used elsewhere, he said.

Former minister in Helen Clark’s Labour government, Matt Robson, echoed his concerns, and called for an informed debate in Parliament over the country’s increasing involvement in the conflict.

…I’ve never been a fan of Putin.

I’m not a Lefty who looks up to or admires him.

I think he is a thug who has used appalling authoritarian tactics to hold onto power.

That’s not to say I don’t agree with his criticism of the West and the abomination that is the US Military Industrial Complex.

I’m not fan of Washington or Moscow.

I argued that Putin would invade the Ukraine because of the attempted coup in Kazakhstan in January and that his view of NATO expansion had become an existential threat.

The West should have ensured Russia’s collective sense of national security was respected.

We didn’t.

Putin’s bluff means he has to double down on the war in Ukraine…

Russia-Ukraine war: Vladimir Putin believes ‘doubling down’ will improve conflict outcome, US Central Intelligence Agency says

US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director William Burns said on Saturday that Russian President Vladimir Putin believes doubling down on the military conflict in Ukraine will improve the outcome of the war.

…Putin’s desperation of course is now being purposely manipulated by the West…

Behind Austin’s Call for a ‘Weakened’ Russia, Hints of a Shift

When Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III declared Monday at the end of a stealth visit to Ukraine that America’s goal is to see Russia so “weakened” that it would no longer have the power to invade a neighboring state, he was acknowledging a transformation of the conflict, from a battle over control of Ukraine to one that pits Washington more directly against Moscow.

…protecting innocent Ukrainians from invading Russians is now secondary to a wider American goal of significantly weakening Russia.

Those are two very different goals and of course the American Military Industrial Complex is already making $33Billion in military aid…

Biden says U.S. sending Ukraine another $150 million in aid

President Joe Biden on Friday authorized the shipment of another $150 million in military assistance for Ukraine for artillery rounds and radar systems in its fight against Russia’s invading forces.

Biden said the latest spending means his administration has “nearly exhausted” what Congress authorized for Ukraine in March and called on lawmakers to swiftly approve a more than $33 billion spending package that will last through the end of September.

…$33billion and a new military aim to weaken Russia.

This stopped being about saving innocent Ukrainian lives sometime ago. This is now about making the American Corporate Military Gods of War rich.

So again, just to be clear, are we now at War in the Ukraine to prolong American Military Industrial Complex profit margins?


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