So Jacinda saved us from Delta – when will we thank her & apologise?

We have just set the date when MIQ restrictions will lift and people stupid enough to travel during a pandemic and got locked out of the country ARE STILL COMPLAINING!

Hospitalization rates are low and mortality rates incredibly low, yet Maori academics are still claiming racism.

The reality is that this transition from Delta has been stressful  on everyone of us but the hatred spat at Jacinda and Labour for protecting us so successfully is heartbreaking!

The Woke are screaming that Labour’s policy this is a ‘modern genocide’ against Maori.

Public health academics drunk in their own sense of power are angry Jacinda is taking into account other issues than just their prophecies.

The Bishop Brian Tamaki mob scream Jacinda is the antiChrist.

The Crystal Karen’s scream Jacinda is raping Gaia.

The Qanon lunatics scream Jacinda is Adolf Hitler.

The Death Cult Capitalists scream Jacinda isn’t willing enough to kill her own citizens for the economy.

Grumpy farmers scream Jacinda won’t let them steal and pollute water with cow shit and piss like they used to.

Small Business scream they are on the verge of collapse.

The double vaxxed scream why are they still under house arrest for all these antiVaxx nutters.

We are hitting 90% double vaxxed, our sickness and death rates are minuscule compared to the rest of the planet and Labour’s navigation of this plague will see us celebrate Christmas with Whānau.

Lockdown hasn’t been easy but Labour’s leadership through this crisis despite the tsunami of criticism deserves your vote in 2023.

It really is as simple as that.

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